Yes Life iPhone/Android App Review

DISCLAIMER – I am not paid by YTL/Yes to write this review. It is my honest feedback and my experience
My Australian journey was fantastic and people in Australia are truly awesome , but at the same time there are technology revolution that helped me stay in touch with my family and friends back home in my country – Yes Life comes into play. (more after the jump)
Yes Life is an application for iPhone and Android that transforms your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and your Android device into a phone. You get a Malaysian phone number (ideal for Malaysians who are going overseas for a long period of time and ideal for foreigners who come to Malaysia – it works both ways) and its SIM-less (meaning that you don’t need a SIM card and you can carry the number across ‘devices’) – which was ideal in my case. I could pop in an Australian SIM (which I did , and subscribed for a data plan) and loaded up this program. I would make calls using this program , it would use up my data quota and not my voice minutes. Just think of it as Skype.
Getting Started
Firstly you’ll have to download Yes Life for iOS , which can be obtained by clicking it (it takes you to App Store) , and as for Android users , you may download it by clicking it here (it takes you to Android Market). The application itself is free , however you need to purchase or activate your Yes Line – which costs RM 50/RM 68 or more depending on which package you have selected.
Using the application
Its straight forward – works similar to how your Android or iPhone Phone App. You have everything – text messages (SMS) , phone – its there. It pulls all your contact information from your existing contacts , so you woul not have to enter it twice. Apart from that there is nothing much to explain in this area. Its like using your phone.
My Experience 
The beauty of is the ability to make cheap calls back home (you are only charged RM 0.09 sen/minute) which is dirt cheap compared to your roaming charges which is around AU$0.80 or AU$1.50 / min (I can’t remember for Optus). Incoming calls to your 018 number is free and the other party has to pay for it. Its even easier for your parents , this is what I did for my OZ Adventure – just gave them my australian number and my 018 number. Its cheaper for them to make calls to 018 number as it would be charged as a local mobile number and on the other hand its free for me , I don’t have to worry about being charged for incoming calls.
However, there were times whereby the call quality was bad . This is due to several factors , one of it is being poor 3G reception and the other one is poor connectivity to Yes 4G network. I had issues even with WiFi (connected to my University’s line which is ~100Mbps). Mainly the issues are similar to what you face when you experience ‘lag’ in games – its just about that. It takes time for your ‘hello’ to be transmitted the other side and the other side would just keep on saying ‘Hello’. On a bright day (i.e when there is no network hiccups or what-so-ever) , it works pretty well. I’ve been on conversation for 40 minutes without disconnection.
As for reloading , you could do it via Website. For some reason it does not show foreign banks (i.e ANZ) on their list , but if you pick maybank and enter your foreign credit/debit card it works well as well. They should have an option for foreign/overseas Credit/Debit card !
I would recommend to Malaysian students who are planning to study overseas or plan to attend an exchange program with a university. You could save a ton of money on call rate especially if you are going to a country whereby the mobile service provider charges you for incoming calls as well. Secondly , its suitable for businessman who would regularly visit Malaysia and plan to establish contacts – its your Malaysian number – cheaper than your average prepaid and you can use it once you are back on your home country.
I do not recommend for short-trips or your European adventure trip. It is just not worth for that purposes.
To conclude , Yes Life pretty much fills where Skype lacks for Malaysian. I do hope they start improving the application – especially by adding push notification. The battery drain on Yes Life application is horrible and pretty much after a day’s use my battery dies. With push notifications , at least I would be notified if there were any miss calls or incoming SMS.