Thank You Steve Jobs

Thank you Steve Jobs for everything. On behalf of the hackint0sh community and pretty much everyone. Thank you for making us a great OS that allowed us to hack and work it with our generic computers. You made some awesome things that made us all of us wow and you brought us together. I am pretty much stunned by how hackint0sh allowed me to meet new friends from different countries.
Once again , Thank you steve jobs. If you have been hackint0shing and haven’t purchased OSX. Please do so , at least support the great guy who made it possible. You’ll be forever missed !
PS – I’ll be replying to e-mails as soon as possible (I got few on hackint0sh) . Telstra’s cap is a bitch. After 10GB (which is a joke in today’s standard) , I am throttled to 64Kbps which makes gmail impossible to load as well !