OSX Lion on my netbook – proof of concept

G’day mates
Thats how aussies roll it and thats how I am going to start. Anyway , I’ve been really busy these days due to studies and adapting to the Australian style. I’ve to admit that people here are pretty nice and things are bit weird on how they do it here as opposed back in Malaysia. For instance I need to make an appointment to see a doctor , back in Malaysia. We’ll just walk in and wait. Anyhow back to my story , so as we all know that Lion is out and probably you are running it on your Mac or Hack. However , I would like to bring to your attention that I managed to get Lion GM (well sort of) to work on my trusty MSI Wind U100. (more after the jump)

How ? Well obviously you can’t be running pure Retail copy as Apple is smart enough to have stripped Finder and few of its core frameworks to be 64-bit only (the rest being 32-bit). But what if you fuse it together , well my friend – you’ll have OSX Lion on a 32-bit PC. I got the idea by having a look at this post (thanks to the great folks who shared this in my other post . This guy claimed that it was possible and I thought of testing his concept out if its possible and yes it is indeed possible. I decided to play around with it by replacing a few files and by using files from DP1. I’ve found out that it is possible to get a working copy of Lion working on a netbook with some drawbacks. I took his concerted and modified it as for instance installing OSX Lion via USB is not possible as the installation binaries are in 64-bit. So I had to install it on my trusty MBP and clone it to my external hard disk and start modifying it.
There are many drawbacks and its not recommend to use it as a production machine. Firstly , there are some processes which hogs up the CPU for no reason which causes the entire system to go slow. Secondly , from time to time , Finder just crashes (duh what do you expect DP1 Finder in Retail). Some applications also simply crash for no reason at all. I also had to revert launchpad to its original DP1 version . It just does not start at all.  Of course I’ve no choice but to use DP1 kernel with it as well .
If you are being adventurous you can try. The chap posted up a guide (again its not straightforward). I may write a guide depending on how things do work out. There is no point installing Lion if it does not work at all , as Snow Leopard works wonders for our netbook. I may explore this concept further on a real mac (32-bit) to determine how it will work or turn out to be. For now here are some pictures , just to show that it is possible

Screen Shot 2011-08-27 at 11.10.59 PM
MacOS X Lion on MSI Wind U100 (Intel Atom N280). Notice the CPU Usage (menu-bar) , it is at 100% and look at the CPU temperature. I am not even running anything

Here is a picture which I took with my iPhone
OSX Lion on MSI Wind U100
OSX Lion on MSI Wind U100

That’s all folks for now. I’ll see if its worth the while to have this running or not. Plus I’ll be taking a break from OSX scene as well. If you are in Victoria , Australia , give me a shout. Maybe we can meet up and go for a drink or something.

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  1. Great men !!!! you rock!!!, share us please a tutorial!!! plz i wanna see how is working, please!!! god bless you

  2. Great news, by now I am interest in the battery working, because there is no good way, people roll back appleacpiplatform from snow leopard can get it work.But it isn’t good way i think.

  3. Those processes (such as ReportCrash because xpchelper crashes constantly) not only load the CPU, but also take lots of memory, so the OS eventually reboots when it runs out of virtual memory (swapfiles take all free space on a 10GB system partition).

  4. I’ve been stuck without QE/CI on dp1,on a dell mini 10v, but I’m still trying. I hope that Juanpe comes back here, and helps us further. He says his install runs better than sl. usr-sse2, if there are any good sources of install help, could you point us to them, thanks johnm

  5. Hi Prasys,
    I’m also an aussie, and it’s not all about Gday mate, thats a very old saying in an Australian way. where abouts in Aust are you? QLD? MELB? SYD? SA? NT? WA?

  6. Too bad your in Vic, I’m in Jervis Bay, NSW…hope you enjoy your stay whether it is holiday or work or even living related.

  7. Hi mate,I am the guy that left the tutorial on ox86 project.I have to admit that I left vital information to make it work 10.7 as in leo( forgot?Nonetheless I will make a comprèhensive video and upload it to you tube.You will be able to appreciate the speed,low cpu load and judge by yourself.I´ll post the the link tomorrow if I have the time.By the way I am now running 10.7.1 on my 32 bit compaq mini netbook

  8. I´sorry guys,I am very very busy right now,but I PROMISE you that this weekend,I will post the link to the video.Now a word of advise to prasy,uncheck every single item from camaleon pref.this will drastically reduce the CPU usage .

  9. There is an easier way to install ox 10.7 from usb.Perhaps you would like to try it.Prepare an usb install of 10.7 DP1 and install.Download 10.7.1 update and strip it of all 64bit information and replace the kernel with the DP1,install it and voilá a hybrid 10.7.1 os for 32 bit systems.Come on guys try it its easy enough.

  10. Remember to use Mach_kernel_atom_apic_dp1 together with stock 10.7 dp1 Mach_kernel,and to rename the kernel in com.boot.plist, mach_kernel_atom_apic_dp1.Sorry I do not have more time for now.Chao guys and good luck.

  11. Hi Noobster,Good question!!!Well the 10.7.1 delta update is actually very small 83,1 Mb to be exact,But it has some 64 bit information.You should expand the update the same way you expanded the lion 10.7 image,this way you will be free to take any information from it.Basically take away the information on finder launchpad,Itunes,Quicktime and off coarse all associated core services.I am glad you guys are learning to fish by yourselfs,that is the idea,no spoonfeedding.Lets make the community invencible.

  12. Hi jmacie,Have you got QE/CI on your gma945 yet?If not,send me your email and I´ll send you my kexts for full QE/CI.Aternatively I ´ve found this on the webBoth the GMA950 and GMAX3100 kexts are in Lion.
    To use the GMA950, you must boot in 32-bit mode.
    Like Snow, Lion defaults to 64-bit mode, but it can be booted in 32-bit mode.
    You should not need to add any kexts, particularly not the older ones.
    But, you must add your GMA950 device (GFX0 within PCI0) to your DSDT.
    After that, boot Lion in 32-bit mode and your GMA950 will come up with all resolutions and Ci/QE, just as it did in Snow.Good luck

  13. Sure I´ll check where I can upload the dst,gma950 lion kext and framebuffer and the com.boot.plist and instructions.Alternatively send me an email to [email protected] and I´ll send you the complete package,its only 160 kb.Ok

  14. In order to make finder works, what files should be replaced with the files from DP1?
    In order to make finder works, what files should be replaced with the files from DP1?
    In order to make finder works, what files should be replaced with the files from DP1?

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