It may be possible to run Lion on Atom (32-bit)

G’day and greetings from Australia. If you are wondering , where was I for the past 2 weeks or so. I am in australia now (VIC – the place to be ) to be exact and settling down here. The weather is ugh unpredictable , nevertheless its an awesome place. I’ll write another blog on my Aussie adventures.
Anyway , back to OSX86. I find it that it may be possible for us to run OSX Lion on our Atom as what this guy did with DP4. It just requires us to replace a couple of files in order to get it to work. The bigger problem is that few things appear to be broken when you do that. Only time will tell us if its really possible for us to run. In the meantime , if you are being adventurous and if you want to do something for the OSX86 community , I strongly urge you to read this and even prepare a guide or test it out with legit Lion to determine if it is even possible.
We may just need a few kexts , patched DP1 kernel and it may just work. I am not sure at all , but when I have the time , I’ll certainly have a look at it when I have the time
If you are an Aussie and if you want to invite me for beer/tea/coffee , just drop by me a mail and we can meet up
Cheers !

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  1. Hey, wecome to Victoria… and yes, our weather can be… bizzare… odd… changable. πŸ™„
    I’m going to see if I can have a crack at putting firstly 10.6.8 and then Lion onto my nice shiny new Pavilion DV6 this weekend… so I am off to pad the walls so it wont hurt as much when I start beating my head. 😯
    Again… welcome to Oz! πŸ˜€

  2. @Geoff – thanks for the warm welcome
    Hit me up , mate
    @Livio , I’ve to find something out. like I said , I need to do more research on this matter

  3. Hi Pradeesh u
    Welcome to Australia, yes Melbourne the city with 3 weathers in 1 day, nevertheless welcome to Australia.Always follow your blog especially my current hackingtosh was based on your Empire EFI and Nawcom’s EFI. I hope you would continue with Hackingtosh work.

  4. welcome to victoria, australia, I am in the melbourne area, hit me up for a meal for all the good work you have done.

  5. Been having kernel panic issues trying to update 10.6.3 to 10.6.8 with the combo update on my i7 HP Pavilion. But… Did manage it fine on my older Asus U80V laptop… So using that to download Lion from the App Store… Another 60 minutes left on the download…
    The HP is the one I want to end up dual booting Windows 7 and OS X on, so will persist. Found references to that 10.6.8 update helper file, so might try that on the HP. Actually…. I should look around, see if there are any instructions that tell me how to do a “clean” install directly to Lion when it finishes downloading…. That would make more sense wouldn’t it….

  6. Ok…. Not going so well. Can make the bootable USB… It starts the process… Solved two places where I was getting stuck… Now I am stuck stuck. Transcript offline – Buffer pool allocate [181000] failed.
    If I try to run it with the -x boot option…. It stops two lines earlier at FakeSMC: key not found BEMB, length – 1 but I don’t know if the two are related.
    Any clues Prasys? Could be a free lunch in it for you….. πŸ˜‰

  7. Hi IΒ΄m trying to install on a:
    core i7 2600 3.4
    4 gb ram 1333
    I achieve to install 10.6.7 but when going to 10.6.8 theres a KP thats because of the sandy bridge support. But cause of this I canΒ΄t make bootable my built.
    So I hope the next Empire EFI have sandy bridge support and allow us to make a clean install of Lion.

  8. Javier…
    10.6.8 is supposed to have sandy bridge goodness bulit into it. But you have to remember, Apple software is only supposed to run on certain hardware… So that’s why there are a lot of kexts to help it think our non Apple hardware is Apple.
    What you want is for Empire EFI to detect and patch everything for you on the fly…. I don’t think Pradeesh has a whole lifetime to build that in!
    It may be that you are still on the legacy kernel, where you should use the full 64 bit one…. Did you try using -force64 at the boot screen?
    Even with the 10.7 Lion version I am have trouble getting it to run on my non-Apple laptop… Fixed two problems that have arisen in the boot process…. Stuck on a third… But I will find a way past it somehow….

  9. Hi Pradeesh u give me HIV, and say it can’t be from you because you don’t have it…??!Wtf.Your test is positive, that is negative for you.Call me, or i gonna tell everyone.

  10. Hi Pradeesh u give me HIV, and say it don’t came from you because you don’t have it…!!?Wtf. yours test is positive, that is negative for you.Call me, or i gonna tell everyone.

  11. Ok…. On to more realistic topics….
    Yay! Got Lion working on my new laptop. It’s a quad core i7 2630, raedon 6770m machine. So yay for me.
    No sound or network yet, will try to get them going later… But the OS itself is running and working fine.
    The error I was talking about before, the buffer pool thingy, turned out to be related to the inbuilt intel HD 3000 graphics…. Found an updated kext for that, and all is good. Used the lathes install so it sits on an MBR disk and dual boots with my windows 7.
    Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet….. πŸ™‚

  12. Hi mate,Just to tell you that somebody has already succeded installing 10.7 final on N 270 laptop,changig Finder and a few files.Take a look on ox 86 project,10.7 install.Notebooks.

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