It may be possible to run Lion on Atom (32-bit)

G’day and greetings from Australia. If you are wondering , where was I for the past 2 weeks or so. I am in australia now (VIC – the place to be ) to be exact and settling down here. The weather is ugh unpredictable , nevertheless its an awesome place. I’ll write another blog on my Aussie adventures.
Anyway , back to OSX86. I find it that it may be possible for us to run OSX Lion on our Atom as what this guy did with DP4. It just requires us to replace a couple of files in order to get it to work. The bigger problem is that few things appear to be broken when you do that. Only time will tell us if its really possible for us to run. In the meantime , if you are being adventurous and if you want to do something for the OSX86 community , I strongly urge you to read this and even prepare a guide or test it out with legit Lion to determine if it is even possible.
We may just need a few kexts , patched DP1 kernel and it may just work. I am not sure at all , but when I have the time , I’ll certainly have a look at it when I have the time
If you are an Aussie and if you want to invite me for beer/tea/coffee , just drop by me a mail and we can meet up
Cheers !