Yes 4G Go Review – Part 1

There are tons of broadband providers in Malaysia. The ones that offer fast speed broadbands are generally fixed line and then you have wireless broadband – traditionally wireless broadband are pretty much provided by Mobile Service Operators in Malaysia except for one or two. But what if you want mobility and speed together – this is where Yes4G has come into play ! Let me put into test to see how good is go as a mobile broadband service

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Yes 4G has been a while in Malaysia. They had a rocky start and even I’ve even mocked them written my thoughts about them. They had their downs and ups and I think it its about time for me to test and provide my own thoughts on how well the service performs. So that is what exactly I did , I managed to got hold of Yes 4G Go , which was provided by Yes for review purpose (No , I’ll be unbiased , there is no compromise on what I stand)

Yes 4G dongle
Yes 4G dongle

Oh yeah , if you are wondering how the dongle looks like , here is a picture. Pretty much installation is straight forward. Plug it in , install software/drivers , and it just works. The drivers are included for both Mac and Windows and its within the dongle itself. However at this time of writing , Yes 4G Go dongle does not work with OSX 10.7 lion. I believe its because of the fact that Apple is using pure 64-bit . That is of course another story. i do hope that Yes updates their driver once Lion comes out !
I’ll be reviewing the Internet side of Yes 4G first especially how it performs with gaming , torrenting (yes I know a lot of us are pirates) , basic Internet usage , and mobility aspect . I’ll be concluding with my thoughts on the service overall and the pricing structure
Torrents & Downloads
I decided to do what a student in Malaysia or in fact anywhere in the world would do and not to mention what would a typical Malaysian would use their Internet service for – Downloads. No doubt the first thing that comes to a typical Malaysian mind is downloads , downloads.
I decided to use Yes! Go to download couple of large files and a file via Torrent (public tracker). The test was performed in Bandar Sunway on my friend’s notebook. Yes 4G tool showed us that we had 4 bars
My first test to test how well it performs with HTTP downloads (that is direct downloading). The best way to test if your Internet line is capable is to download a open source program or system (such as ubuntu). In this case , I decided to download Eclipse (its a programmer tool to make programs) .
Yes 4G - Download
Yes 4G - Direct Download Screenshot #1 (This is the average download speed)

Yes 4G
Yes 4G - Direct Download Screenshot #1 (This is the maximum speed that I've managed to get)

The download speed was stable. It was hovering around 1.10MB/sec (the maximum speed was 1.55MB/sec). This clearly shows that Yes 4G is capable of reaching the high speeds. Of course , as we all do know that direct download speed does not equate to torrent download speed .
However , I was surprised to see that torrent works. In fact it is able to connect to seeders and peers very fast as opposed to Streamyx. On top of that , I was surprised to see a green tick (which shows that the ports are not blocked). Mobile Broadband Service are well known to have 1 public ip , however this is not the case of Yes 4G. It means that each user gets his/her own IP address which allows him/her to seed torrents and download torrents without a problem. The torrent speeds are not as fast as direct download , but overall it was fast. I did manage to get around 300 Kilobytes/sec.
yes 4g torrent
uTorrent on Yes 4G

My friend managed to complete his 400MB+ download within 13 minutes . He was pretty surprised as it generally takes him ages on his Streamyx 1Mbps connection !
I know what you are thinking now , lets switch to Yes 4G. Cool your jets ,  Yes 4G service is not meant for kaki downloaders (heavy downloaders). The reason being is that – there aren’t any unlimited plans nor there is a “cap”. You are paying per Megabyte . So if you are a big time 24/7 kaki torrent or kaki <insert file sharing service you use> , yes 4G is sadly not for you. However ,  if you are a kind of person who downloads movies  (400MB+ AVI rips) like 2-3 times in a month , Yes 4G would be a better solution for you – especially if you want to watch something which downloads quickly while you go.
Average Internet Surfing
Much like any other mobile internet service provider , Yes 4G works great with your average Internet surfing. That is googling , buffering up YouTube video and Facebook/Twitter. It works great with social media and what I can say is that the upload speeds are good , which means that you should be able to upload your photos twice as fast as normally you would on a 3G connection , provided if you are in a good coverage zone.
However there is no “proper” way to measure how well it performs as its very subjective to the location. It would be great for me to cover entire Kuala Lumpur and test at each spot on how it performs. Overall , I can deduce that if the coverage is good and if Yes 4G network connectivity (to the Internet) is good , everything should be presto !  This is even applicable for any Wireless Internet .
More to come
In the next part of the review , I’ll be testing on how Yes 4G performs when it comes to gaming. I’ll be testing World of Warcraft (official US Server) , Team Fortress 2 and few others to determine if Yes 4G can be suitable for students who plan to get a wireless service

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