Intel Atom and Lion

MacOS X Lion is once again going to change how we use OSX. Sadly , Apple decided to drop 32-bit support for OSX Lion , thus making it compatible for 64-bit processors. Sadly for those who are using Intel Core Duo , Intel Core Solo , Intel Atom Processors (N 2xx series) , it would not be possible to install OSX Lion officially.
The good news  I’ve managed to do some bit of search and found out that it is still possible to boot into 32-bit kernel and to use 32-bit stuff (meaning that there is still a 32-bit kernel and 32-bit kexts and 32-bit frameworks). However , Apple has removed “Legacy” support (Which simply means pure 32-bit support) out of their kernel , which means that most of the netbook users are not able to use vanilla (Apple’s stock) kernel. They would have to use a patched kernel or some sort. Since the source code of the kernel is not released yet , it is not possible for us to  binary-patch the kernel of some sort.
We would have to wait till Apple releases the source code and puts it up.
It is bit too early to tell what the future holds for us (netbook users) , as Apple is known for dropping support in last minute (for instance Game Center for iPhone 3G). If they make their frameworks purely 64-bit or any other funny stuff , most likely it is going to be end of the road for most of the netbook users. But let us keep our spirits high . After all if its possible to run on your $200 netbook , it would be possible for those incompatible Intel macs as well !

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  1. There is a patched kernel for atom and im using it right now on DP4.
    Are you talking about when the Retail comes out ?

  2. Sadly i’m the same boat with my Pentium D.
    Anyway, let’s wait for kernel sources to see what can be done 😉
    Harold, that’s because you’re running a 64 bit Atom, else you were screwed!!

  3. jee, that’s really too bad ! Doesn’t Apple real in enough cash allready to make single core Macbooks obsolete after just 4 years ??

  4. 😛
    I installed Lion 10.7.1 on my Asus 1015PX several days ago and it is mostly working. I used the iAtkos L1 distro and booted with the mach_atom -v -f switches, that’s it. You do need a USB KB and mouse (a BT kb and mouse “might” work)
    What Works
    * 1024×600 Resolution (native)
    * Track Pad
    * Keyboard
    * Bluetooth
    * USB
    * Sound (Using Voodoo 2.56 from Multibeast 4.0.3)
    * Battery Menu Indicator (Using Voodoo Battery Kext)
    What Does not work
    * Sleep (wakes to a black screen)
    * Microphone
    * QE/CI hardware acceleration for Intel 3150GMA
    * Wi-FI (The miserable BCM4313 👿 )

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