MCMC starts blocking File Sharing Sites

MCMC (Malaysian Communications and Multi-media Commission) has silently started to block couple of sites which they demeaned inappropriate. A friend of mine , mx510 tweeted to me on this issue
You can check out the letter by clicking here (for the first page) and here (For the second page) . It seems that MCMC wants certain wares sites to be blocked.

I can’t however verify if the letter is  authentic , however users have reported that they were unable to access these sites listed below on 30th of May itself (as in when the order was issued) :-

The bigger question is why these sites are being blocked and isn’t that againist what our Prime Minister , Najib Razak has preached . Of course they may argue saying that it violates Malaysian Copyright act as these sites host illegal content. But I believe that it is up to the file hosting provider to determine and filter out those stuff and not everything hosted in these sites are illegal. For Instance I’ve managed to find old stuff whereby the site has gone down. It provides a great mirror or alternative.
Having said that , would MCMC go on filtering sites – They have filtered couple of sites before such as RedTube , YouPorn and few others. But now they are doing it silently without informing , there is no information what so-ever in their site (as of 9th June)
Some of my content for my site are hosted in these file hosting services. If they say that its illegal , I am not sure what else to add. All my stuff are open-sourced and GPL’ed. They should consider that at least.
Currently , these sites are accessible (as of 9th June)  with TM’s Streamyx and UnFi (although they blocked it initially) , Yes 4G Internet Service. These sites are however inaccessible with P1 4G Internet Service , Maxis Broadband. I am not sure about other ISP Providers in Malaysia.
The only way to unblock them is to use Google DNS or OpenDNS. I strongly suggest you to change your DNS settings to Google DNS or OpenDNS , to use a better secure DNS. DNS is like yellow pages , currently these sites are blocked at DNS level , which simply means that they are removed from yellow pages. If you use an alternative “yellow pages service” (in this case Google DNS or OpenDNS) , you could access these sites freely. I urge all Malaysians to start changing their default ISP DNS to Google DNS or OpenDNS
If MCMC goes on and starts filtering more sites , it simply means that Malaysia is going to be the next China. It would certainly scare investors and everyone. People would start finding alternatives and it is just going to look bad on the international arena. If MCMC wants to play an issue on tackling the pirates , the best way is not to block but to co-operate and find alternative means. Lowering the prices of CD/DVD for instance would certainly help . They should work a plan out with few software vendors and offer special discounts on softwares such as Office and Windows at a lower price , this way people would buy them instead of pirating them , as for instance Windows 7 costs a minimum of RM 200+ which is a bit hefty.
MCMC if you are reading this , consider my suggestions above and try to work something out. Do unblock the Internet as it is against what our former Prime Minister , Tun Dr Mahathir said. Just leave the Internet as is and let these content provider filter out copyrighted material themselves !
Lastly but not least , I recommend you to read an article by jibone on this issue as well . He has pointed out a couple of things as well . What are your thoughts on this issue , feel free to post a comment

13 thoughts to “MCMC starts blocking File Sharing Sites”

  1. Another “File Sharing” site stories after the other. Why am I not surprise when I read this post? Couple of years ago, they did the same thing too but how do the users react upon that? They create a new one. For me personally, there’s nothing wrong or illegal about the “File Sharing” sites as they’re created for user to share and/or distribute things such as contents with bigger size which cannot be transmitted via email. The thing is, when users start to abused the system making it as a “Paradise” for their illegal activities. It’s part of the piracy campaign, well, I think so. If MCMC wants to block these “File Sharing” sites, I will not going to blame them but I blame the user as they have failed to stay in their limit in sharing their contents in the internet.

  2. YEAH! Just block it. It will made the nerdy became angry and it will help to topple the government in upcoming GE

  3. I started using TAWKLE and its the most amazing file sharing website. it offers unlimited uploads and downloads and its for free

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