The next big thing and we need you !

That’s right  , nawcom (yeah the author of ModUSBCD) , merklot (the talented guy who made NBI and whos improving Chameleon) , and (hopefully) myself would be working on a new project called v0ltr0n. Whats that you ask , head over here to find out more.

Anyhow to cut the long story short. Voltron is what that something that would change how we install OSX Lion in our hackint0sh. It would make life easier for every one of us. In fact , all you would have to do is install OSX Lion on how would you would do on a real mac. We are not reinventing the wheel here but rather improvising the wheel here
Personally , I would like to get more people to get involved in this. If you are a good coder , or in fact if yo are good in OSX86 or in fact if you think can contribute in any way , feel free to visit nawcom’s blog. Post it . To my old friends (yes you know who you are) , we really need you this time. Hopefully we can work on this project , improving chameleon and hopefully improve entire OSX experience for everyone .
I do hope that there would be a working prototype (or a working version) by the time Lion hits the store . Let us hope and put our hands together to make this project a success !

8 thoughts to “The next big thing and we need you !”

  1. I would love to be a beta tester on this. I have a skulltrail system with an ATI HD5870 and also a Dell XPS L501X laptop with an i5 processor and an Nvidia Optimus setup (Intel HD and Nvidia 420M). I have a legal copy of Snow Leopard too and would be willing to purchase Lion from the app store if needed.

  2. i wait 😛 😛 think about intel gm 965 x3100 plz , i can test your projet and send you allways what happened , video and log , good luck …

  3. I was always looking forward to see how this project would turn out, nawcom was the man, too bad this project ended up dead in the water, regardless there is a million ways to install lion and mountain lion

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