ATi Mobility Users Rejoice !

It has been in the new for a while , but ATI users are able to rejoice finally dong (yes thats his name) managed to discover a way to get LVDS (your laptop LCD screen) to work with Apple’s ATI Driver. He did some magic and kaboom , you are able to get your Mobility Radeon HD card to support QE/CI , Native Resolution and other stuff
However, its not for the faint of heart . Its a bit technical and it would require you to go through some editing and stuff. You would need to be on MacOS X 10.6.7 for you to test few things out. Its a bit sacrrated around InsanelyMac , I’ll try to compile a guide and simplfy things.
But if you are curious and want to get your card working so badly , I recommend you to check this thread out
UPDATE #1 – Check this thread out , its a one stop thread for your ATI Mobility needs. It contains a tutorial and how-to. Again its a bit technical , I recommend you to spend your time. If you are still not sure what’s what , I recommend you to drop by IRC  ( , #hackint0sh ) – Be sure you’ve done your homework first before asking !  Thanks Joe

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  1. Hi Prazys… the url on UPDATE #1 it’s not pointing to the desired place. As always, thanks for the useful info; was missing that particular topic.
    Stay safe 😉

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