MariaDB vs MySQL : Introduction

Recently my host , cmanns (awesome guy by the way)  installed MariaDB as a replacement of MySQL At first , I did not know what MariaDB is all about till my host explained it all to me. I’ve presented in Q&A format to make it easier for my readers to understand.
Brief History of MariaDB & What is MariaDB all about
It all started back when Oracle & Sun (when Sun acquired MySQL in 2008) . After Sun purchased it , basically things start to go bit slow – updates were not being related in timely manner , lesser and lesser contribution from the community.  At that upon of time , Brain Aker forked MySQL into Drizzle project , a database for the cloud. It never really took off
In 2009 , the creator of MySQL , Monty Widenius left the company and started MariaDB , which is a new fork of MySQL. Its meant to be a replacement for MySQL Server.
Original Source
The beauty of MariaDB
Since MariaDB is a binary drop in replacement for MySQL. It simply means that MySQL 5.1 <—-> MariaDB 5.1 are interchangeable. Think of it as a brother and sister relationship. It simply means that if you have a MySQL 5.1 server , if you’ve moved over to MariaDB 5.1 , all your stuff are still there. There is no need to reconfigure for MariaDB. On top of that all MySQL connectors , api or what-so-ever are the same – it simply means that your current php script (even this WordPress will run on MariaDB).
Advantages of MariaDB (Features)

  • More storage engines (Aria for instance)
  • Speed Improvements (just take a look at the link)
  • Fully Open Source and Free as in Free Beer !

What’s next
To be honest , XenServ (my server) has just deployed MariaDB and so far my host said that it did improve overall speed of the server. There are still few things needed to be tested , especially compatibility issues and stability issue . I do hope that my host comes up with some figures showing how MariaDB has improved the server load times and such which I would gladly publish it here.


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