Fixing Annoying Flash in OSX

Flash and OSX does not simply go well together especially if you have a slower hackintosh or a macintosh computer (its true if you are still using PowerPC). Flash simply hogs up your CPU , thus increasing the temperature of the cpu and reducing the battery life of your computer (if its a laptop). I find it rather annoying especially on my MSI Wind U100.

On top of that I am annoyed with annoying flash advertisements , they too take up my precious CPU Cycles. Thankfully , there is a guy who invented such a thing that blocks flash. Its called ClickToFlash (its for Safari only folks) . It will automatically block all flash content and provides you with an option to load it on demand or alternatively you may whitelist. One nice thing I’ve to give credit is the ability to watch YouTube clips in MP4 (the same format that Apple uses to stream to iPhone and Android devices).
However , there are alternatives available for  Chrome users (Windows included) as well , it is called FlashBlock.
Do give it a go and please post your feedback on if you should think on what Apple and Adobe should do on tackling this issue

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  1. There’s a simple way to use Flash but watch embedded videos in a different programme.
    Open a website, click play in Flash plugin, but then hit pause.
    Open Terminal, call “lsof|grep -i flv|grep private” and you’ve got complete path to a file, which you can you to call a programme with path as parameter and in effect – open the video in desired player ­čÖé .

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