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Recently , YES (a mobile/internet provider in Malaysia) launched their voIP software for iPad , iPhone and iPod Touch users. It allows you to get a Malaysian 018 Number for free (in other words a Malaysian Cellular Number) which allows you to place calls virtually anywhere in Malaysia and as well as rest of the world.  Its pretty much like Skype  except the  call rates are cheaper
Currently they are offering a free 14 day trial with MYR 5 credit on your account. However you are requirded to sign up from your iDevice. You are required to fill your personal details (this includes passport number/Malaysian Identity card number (if you are a malaysian)). I strongly encourage you for those who are looking to make free calls to Malaysia and elsewhere , grab this opportunity now. (more after the jump)

Overall look and feel of the Application
Pretty much its like Google Voice. You have a dialer and SMS thingy in one application. It integrates with your iDevice contacts , which allows you to call anyone from your contact through your yes 018 number.

The interface is simple and straight forward. I am not going to go through all of it and explain how it works. Its pretty much like any other VOIP application that you have ever used for your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch such as Viber , Google Voice  and Skype
Call Quality  & Rates
I did test it on my iPhone 4 , and the quality of the calls were not bad via WiFi (using my 5Mbps internet connection) Connection. However via 3G , the call quality was not good at all. There were delays and echos . I did not test with YES own Internet connection as I do not have the device. I am not sure about how it would be like if you are calling overseas. However , if you are willing to test it out and if you are from another country , just feel free to post a comment and we can test the quality out !
However it was not the same with my iPhone 3G with iOS 4.2.1 , the quality of the call was pretty bad even via WiFi. I guess this has to do with the fact that the application is not optimised for iPhone 3G.
The domestic call rate (e.g. mobile phone) for Skype is about RM0.20/min. If you use Yes Life, the rate is still RM0.09/min (source : Rodger ) . So call per cost is still cheap.
Drawbacks & Suggestions of the iOS application
I do hope that YES reads my blog post and look on fixing it. I am not only ranting but providing suggestions

1. iOS 3.x incompatibility issue
Sadly this program does not work on iPhone 2G , iPod touch 1st generation and iPhone 3G/3GS which are still on iOS 3.x . There are still number of people who are using iOS 3.x for some weird reason (I understand the reason for iPhone 3G users , but what if you are using 3GS). There is no reason for this application not to work on iOS 3.x , provided that some of its functionality are disabled in lower version of iOSes. Do not tell me that I am not able to call or send messages as clearly Skype still works on older devices.
2. Push Notification
This is useful when I do not plan to run the application in background or if my iPhone does not support background (i.e iPhone 3G with iOS 4). Although that there are claims that 800% more battery saving compared to Skype , but there are just some of us who prefer not to have it running at all time because of the fact that they have a limited data plan . A push notification service would be great ( a la WhatsApp) , moment you get a SMS or moment you get a miss call.
3. iOS intergration
It could be great if it is possible to check balance with the application itself instead of logging on the system and reloading within the app itself. It would make life even easier
Drawback on yes service and suggestions
1. Tourist plan
Honestly , if I am a tourist , I would not fork out RM 50 for a yes 018 number as prepaid sim cards are sold way cheaper . How about having a tourist pack for RM 10 or RM 15 with RM 5 airtime on it.
2. Call Forwarding service
If yes is all about voice + data into one service , how about call forwarding service whereby giving the user the ability to set a time whereby allowing calls from 018 to be forwarded to their number of their choice. for instance from Monday to Fridays (9 am -5 pm) , I would like all my 018 number calls to be forwarded to my office number. During weekends , I would it to be forwarded to my house phone .This way I could give someone my 018 number whereby it is always possible to reach me. I do not mind paying additional charges for this service , but if you want to really take VOIP to the next level. PS – Look at Google Voice and TM 1700 in Malaysia (thanks tipb3138)
3. Flexible Credit
I do find RM 30 of usage a month is kind of too much especially for those who plan to use it as a secondary service. How about minmum of RM 30 usage across 180 days (something like skype credit) . I’m quite sure a lot of people would be happy to use this service.
To conclude , the yesLife iOS application is pretty good and it provides Malaysians with a good alternative of carrying another mobile number. However , with few more tweaks and other things , yes service could really change the shape of how people look at VOIP , otherwise it is just going to be another service like the rest of the telcos here


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  1. Tm streamyx/unifi is giving free calls. Some mobile to mobile calls are also free. Skype is completely free. Paying 9 sen per minute is kind of outdated don’t you think?

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