newer hardware and OSX

It has been ages since I’ve updated on OSX. I am pleased to announce that , there are newer hardware supports out there. So if you are on a second generation Core i7 computer or if you are using ATI Mobility card there is some hope for you. I’ve discovered some thread in InsanelyMac today.
However bear in mind , that the article on ATI Mobility 4xxx support for hackbook is technical. So you may have to spend some time on understanding. Nevertheless , if you have some questions to ask , feel free to post in that thread or ask me here. I may give you a clearer explanation as mostly its related to programming and stuff. Here is the thread , feel free to check it out
As for the latest and greatest hardware support , tonymac has updated his iBoot to include latest generation stuff
EDIT : Made a mistake there , nawcom’s blog is the place that you should be going to and yes i’ll be updating my blog as well
My blog you ask – I’ll be here on providing some tutorial advice and stuff on OSX issues and Hackintosh in general. Stay tuned for it

8 thoughts to “newer hardware and OSX”

  1. Prasys,
    Are you serious to promote tonymac stuff at your blog? I am very disappointed. At IRC we have only problems weith guys using iboot and multibeast crap. Tonymac is the worst fucker in this scene even worse than pcwiz . Just a thief rebranding others code and giving no credits. Look at the stolen chameleon, rebranded to chimera. I am sure not a single bit of code is by tonymac or his disciple macman.
    Regards aschar

  2. @Aschar first of all Tonymac has never claimed credit for any of the products he launched. At the end if every post he gives credit to tge original owners. The iboot method isn’t JUST chameleon it’s a lot more then that. The website and community are suitable for every user wether novice or expert.
    Finally the new chimera is different as it hasn’t been done before it’s all the ati bootloaders and other loaders in one bootable form.tonymac gave credit to kabyl,others who created the various branches for the chameleon trunk and took no ownership for it

  3. @sh
    Are you kidding? TonyMac only recently gave credit to people once he was publicly EMBARRASSED via some huge online blogs by posting information incorrectly and trying to pass it off as his own. IIRC he included a legacy kernel calling it support for sandybridge! 😀 He rarely cites credit until this past month to ANY of his forum users and STILL REFUSES to publish donation information publicly. He also continues to CHARGE for all custom support NOT given through the forums. Can you tell us about the magical unicorn shit found inside iBoot? B/c anything in it has been done before since 10.4+ in osx86 community efforts — none of it is original. Except for the anime characters. The Chimera project is a name used in MANY other open source projects but Tony continues to be obsessed with animals despite being about 25~ years old. Additionally, Tony never gets any friendly go-aheads to use anyone’s code — he just takes the source and uses it how he likes. He NEVER cross promotes anyone else’s stuff and is largely an OUTCAST on the net and in our community. BRAH, WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR INFORMATION? DRINKING TONY KOOLAID MUCH BRAH?

    1. now go on move along and be happy with where you are , you can rant elsewhere – thanks .
      For me , I value friendship more. I’ve known these guys for a long time and I’ll continue be by their side. Look on what you can contribute to the community

  4. For a count like you Pradeesh, fuckers like PolishOX is the king.
    You and your friends don’t understand how to use IT. is for people who want to use OS X on a PC.
    Your blog is for fuckers who love to talk trash about other people.

  5. This is to Prad & Nawcom.
    In all honesty, as much as I respect you guys for being the ones who did the ground work, its the guys who package the goods & make it easily available and SIMPLER … even if only in APPEARANCE that take the unfortunate credit.
    I am not at all discounting and discouraging the work you guys have done and maybe whats been plagiarized by TonyMac.
    But, his stuff has always show up via Google, also on LifeHacker. Maybe you guys ought to get an enthusiastic blogger for People/ User / PR handling person.
    Whenever I have read Hackintosh tutorials, I’ve gotten LOST.
    And I have in my past done TSRs/Viruses, Assembler, written Drivers & IP programming including a whole bunch more since.
    His stuff was (off late..) just easy to go through.
    Also, I am noticing and maybe guessing that Things have gotten simpler over time and Hackintoshes were more complex before..
    But as I said, what comes up on the net, becomes king, even if they actually did the work or not.
    So, get nawcom and others work to look less complex and more visibly simpler.
    PS: Its all perception my friends.

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