the hackint0sh scene

Some of you may be wondering why there is not much of an update from my blog or from nawcom. Lets’ just say that the hackint0sh scene is now cooled down a bit. Since we have managed to get retail experience  , there is no need to post updates for every now and then.
Our primary goal now is to get MacOSX Lion to work well with our hackint0shes. Once MacOS X Lion hits gold – when its out. You’ll be seeing more guides and stuff on how to install. There are un-official guides on how to get them in your PC now , but its mostly illgeal as OSX Lion is currently meant for developers.
No worries , I am not dead yet. When the time comes , this blog will be updated with new information on OSX Lion how-to and stuff.

2 thoughts to “the hackint0sh scene”

  1. Hi Paradeesh,
    I believe it’s a great timing for a rest but nawcom shouldn’t promise to release an update for ModCD then ignore us and close comments.
    please if you can get to him tell him about my problem, I restored 10.6.3 retail dmg to a usb stick using Carbon Copy Cloner ( 36 min instead of 4 hours using disk utility ) then used ModUSB to install the program but it always stuck on “writing package receipt” , Any ideas ?

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