Fixing Facebook Slowdown in Malaysia

HeHeHunter , a good friend of mine have come up with a solution on how to fix Facebook slowdowns in Malaysia. The solution is pretty simple , basically it involves changing of facebook to another server.
Picture taken from philippe-creations

You may wonder why the slowdown ? Its simple , you need to know a bit of fundamentals on how computer connects to another computer (or server). Basically when you type in your address bar. Your browser will send it to your DNS Server (which acts like Internet White Pages)  which will get the IP Address (Phone Number) of the nearest server.  Currently the server which our DNS points to is having some issues. It seems that there is a Facebook Mobile server in Malaysia , basically a mirror. We’ll be using this server as our main facebook server. Since the server is hosted in Malaysia itself , it would be way faster !
I recommend you to check his blog out. Anyway , to spice up things on how to edit Hosts file on *nix (This includes Linux/Mac). I’ve added this extra section which I believe HeHeHunter failed to include this. If you are on Windows , once again just follow his guide. But if you are new UNIX user  (Ubuntu , SuSE , etc) or MacOS X user and feeling geeky , try this alternative approach (more after the jump)
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This is not a [email protected]#$ Joke !

Berita Harian , a Malay daily in Malaysia recently published this comic strip which a lot of people find inappropriate at times of like this. As we know that , Japan suffered a major earthquake and tsunami , which has claimed lives of 900 people in Japan . Instead Berita Harian decided to put this in their comic strip which I find it very inappropriate.
”]”] “]Berita Harian today - Its very inappropriateIt it not something funny.  Running ultraman from tsunami ?  I wonder why the editors and the cartoonist find it funny and approved it in the first place .  I expect Berita Harian to publicly apologize in their newspaper. Suppose if they fail to publicly apologize over this mistake . I urge my readers to send an e-mail to [email protected] regarding this issue. The reason why I ask is so , is because if we could get people to send a letter (don’t worry , those chaps know English) to berita harian from International crowd , they would know how serious or what trouble they got themselves into as opposed to getting support from local people.  The least that you could do is by mentioning in your twitter , your blog or even your Facebook.
The people over at Berita Harian should know that Malaysia has a very good diplomatic relationship with Japan and at hard times of like this. Berita Harian should be spreading the word around on how Malaysians could help Japan. I do hope that I’ve managed to capture your attention regarding this issue and let us do our part in helping out Japan. Here is a complete list on how you could help Japan . Suppose if you are not from US , kindly check your local newspaper or television on how you could help Japan. Let us all do our part and put our differences aside , after all they are humans just like us !
Lastly but not least , Berita Harian in the near future please be more sensitive towards the current issue.
UPDATE #1 : There is an online petition created by a Malaysia. I guess this really took place
UPDATE #2 : Berita Harian’s Editor apologized regarding this issue. He issued a statement in Berita Harian’s official facebook page

the hackint0sh scene

Some of you may be wondering why there is not much of an update from my blog or from nawcom. Lets’ just say that the hackint0sh scene is now cooled down a bit. Since we have managed to get retail experience  , there is no need to post updates for every now and then.
Our primary goal now is to get MacOSX Lion to work well with our hackint0shes. Once MacOS X Lion hits gold – when its out. You’ll be seeing more guides and stuff on how to install. There are un-official guides on how to get them in your PC now , but its mostly illgeal as OSX Lion is currently meant for developers.
No worries , I am not dead yet. When the time comes , this blog will be updated with new information on OSX Lion how-to and stuff.