Malaysians can make RM1 Million by Blogging says BH

Yes thats right folks. It seems that the Weekend Malay Newspapaer , Berita Minggu had an article reported on “Blogger Earns RM 1 Million (that is roughly around US$ 327,279). So I was like , wow , its time to apply this technique in my boring hackint0sh money and start scamming people and making money ¬†start to make some pocket money to treat myself a cup of hot chocolate @ Starbucks.
The newspaper interviewed a blogger , called Mira Abu Bakar , who pretty much blogs about her daily stuff. ¬†She reported managed to earn up to RM 12,000 a month ~US$ 4000 a month. No doubt that when you visit a her site , its filled with advertisements and paid ad spots. With the amount of traffic that she gets , no doubt she can make around USD$4,000 , but the question of making RM 1 million a month , na da no chance at all. I am still wondering how they come up with the 1 Million ringgit figure . As for making money blog sites , 80% of them talk about the same crap over and over again. I’ve visited a bunch and trust me it was boring. Mostly spamming about their referral links , building downline and desprate new bloggers thinking that they could make money
If you want to make money ? Write good content , automatically your blog would start picking up traffic. Please just be yourself ! Strange , it seems that I’ve done this at once , I do have a category on making money and traffic , I guess I should just include this as well !

The entire article in Malay (via icednyior)

Anyway , I read this article on icednyior’s blog and thought of posting it here so that my readers can know about what is going on in Malaysia from time to time. Of course if there is interest as well , I’ll post some awesome things about Malaysia too especially if you plan to visit.

3 thoughts to “Malaysians can make RM1 Million by Blogging says BH”

  1. Mainstream media is rubbish. If bloggers do crap like link bait, mainstream media like this one do headline bait. Clearly a fabrication(on the 1mil figure).

  2. RM1mil/month.. haha.. aku rasa minah ni nak berjenaka dengan BH kot. Unless, the site is fully backlink every single tiny words are hotlinking and every inch of the site fully with blink blink adds..
    p/s: so who wanna read this type of blog/sites? lol~

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