tonymac , seriously ?

While I was busy leveling up my character in World of Warcraft , it seems that there are few things which have forgot to blog about and to bring to your attention. Thankfully , nawcom did his research and posted regarding this matter over at his blog. Once again , I’ll try to make it simple to share on what is going on actually and explaining on why is it wrong and what he should have done.
Recently , tonymac released a kernel for OSX that supports Intel’s Sandy Bridge. Again its a good thing at first glance , I thought well , thats something close. Upon a closer inspection by nawcom , it seems that tonymac stole the code from qoopz , nawcom , AnV and few others that made the legacy kernel. The kernel that made AMDs , older Intel processors the ability to run OSX. . On top of that , its against Apple’s APSL which requires you to release any modification.

Qoopz' SSE3 emulator in the kernel ?
Qoopz' SSE3 emulator in the kernel ?

If you’re wondering why I wrote this blog post up , well I’ve worked with qoopz , nawcom and AnV and I know the team very well and I find it unfair that some guy comes along , steals the code (without giving any credit) and claims that it was his original work. For your information , the legacy kernel is important for a lot of people especially for those who are using AMD. Plus the legacy kernel enabled a lot of support , for instance 64-bit mode on AMD and old Pentium 4 computers , SSE3 emulation. These are fundamental things and it was done by great people for free of charge. Its not easy to write a SSE3 emulator , if you re wondering how hard , think of translating from Latin to English and then back to Russian.  I would like to highligh that stealing is wrong. The least tonymac should do even if he doesn’t want to release his source code is to give due credits to great people.
The community needs people’s support , if you realize any great work that I’ve done is that I’ve added credit. I am not perfect myself and i made a public apology myself in blog if I’ve made a mistake. Tonymac , if you want to help people at least do by the right thing. These great people have not even asked for a single cent nor have a donate to get personal support crap at all and they have been here for a very long time.
Nevertheless , nawcom and the team would be working on adding Sandy Bay support. As part of the OSX86 community team , I urge my readers to go by the correct path that is by going to ProjectOSX , nawcom’s site – just to name a few

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  1. Some more news – the checksum was different, so I wanted to find out exactly what they added to the old legacy kernel code – so I went ahead and went looking. Something strange I noticed was that the legacy kernel was the one with more instructions! What the hell – if they added support for Sandy Bridge I’m sure they would have more, right?
    Well stupid me, I never looked at the build date of the kernel itself, dunno why. Here’s what I found:
    strings mach_kernel |grep Oct
    Darwin Kernel Version 10.0.0: Mon Oct 12 04:06:05 AST 2009; anappirtrvh:xnu-1456.1.26/BUILD/obj/RELEASE_I386
    Mon Oct 12 04:05:22 AST 2009; doobz(rcbuilder):RELEASE_I386/security/RELEASE
    Pretty much this was the initial kernel doobz/qoopz released to get tested. They added nothing to the kernel in regards to Sandy Bridge support at all. They took an old kernel that’s from October 2009 and slapped their name on it.

  2. Hey guys- I was just made aware of your blog posts and don’t know why this had to be done publicly.
    As Nawcom points out- the kernel used for the Sandy Bridge experiments was the original Qoopz kernel patched for 10.0.0. I’ve used it in iBoot Legacy as well and never claimed it was mine or anything. The BridgeHelper package is a noob-friendly installer- we have not and never did allude to that this was our kernel.
    Of course you’re right that I should have given the info about using the Qoopz 10.0.0 patched kernel. But you’re wrong that I had any malicious intent- it was a simple publishing omission.

  3. tonymacx86 :

    Hey guys- I was just made aware of your blog posts and don’t know why this had to be done publicly.

    As Nawcom points out- the kernel used for the Sandy Bridge experiments was the original Qoopz kernel patched for 10.0.0. I’ve used it in iBoot Legacy as well and never claimed it was mine or anything. The BridgeHelper package is a noob-friendly installer- we have not and never did allude to that this was our kernel.

    Of course you’re right that I should have given the info about using the Qoopz 10.0.0 patched kernel. But you’re wrong that I had any malicious intent- it was a simple publishing omission.
    tonymacx86´s last blog ..User Builds • Re- Fighting Saints Build &38 Install Steps GA-X58A-UD3R i7 930My ComLuv Profile

    Look , the thing stired up what the whole publicity , if you just give credit where it was due , thats all. I can’t change you ,but we are just pointing out that whenever you take someone’s work just credit them unless it was your own work by all means do whatever you wish !

  4. @tonymacx86 You’re sorry bc you got written up in many popular tech blogs and were then exposed as a complete fraud and thief. If you hadn’t gotten caught you wouldn’t have come out of your shell. If you’re truly not a thief start crediting ALL the people you STEAL from and telling people NONE of the stuff you publish is EVER your own idea except for the rebranded names you put on things, which btw are really stupid names. @tonymacx86
    Are you fucking serious, bro?!
    You routinely STEAL from other people can happily take \contributions\ and \donations\ from people in appreciation of \your\ hard work. You remove bits of code that would reveal the products you REBRAND are not your own and routinely VIOLATE numerous open source licenses. You make about $20.00 a day on ads on your site but REFUSE to post PUBLIC donation amounts. Linux2Mac and that other dude do most of your development work and I can only hope you’re paying them well. You WILL continue to be exposed…attempting to silence the truth will only result in further actions taken against you. There are more of US than there are of YOU. And YOU are not one of US. You should be ashamed to bring such shame to our scene. The road to hell is paved with good intentions but your greedy ass continues to pave it with lies and money. FuCK YOU.

  5. @PolishOX
    calm down, Tonymacx86 does a lot of work for all the geeks that are not so common in programming or other geekstuff.
    Packaging and testing all in one installers like MyHack, Kakewalk or Multibeast or assembling a boot-CD is also a lot of work and Tonymac provides a good support platform for all the noobs so that the real programmers can do there work and won’t disturbed by all the lamers like me with there simple common questions.

  6. Hi every body!
    @PolishOX and etc
    You did not have enough gifts for Christmas… and now your pick on anybody Lol
    Go! Tonymacx86 keep the good work keeping everything simple for us 😉

  7. @Tosh123 and @ER800
    Neither of you truly understand the osx86 community and are most likely really noobs.
    I’ve certainly never heard of either of you.
    Tonymacx86 STEALS other people’s work and never gives credit AND he charges $$$.
    Fuck both you and FUCK TONYMAC!

  8. @tosh123
    Just read some Guides how to make your own Boot-CD, grab BootCDMaker App, a few Helper Apps and a Legacy Kernel, and if you’re not to stupid you’re on the go with your own Boot-CD in a few minutes

  9. It is unfortunate that I have often donated to all Hackintosh resources that have in some way helped me out.
    If tonymac is indeed plagiarizing the hard work of others, then you can be sure I’ll be rescinding my support to his ‘work’… which also means more for Prasys, Chameleon, InsanelyMac, etc.

  10. Have you read their rules? They ban users *as soon as* they mention the word “distro”. Of course, if people use distros they don’t need them any longer. They say that they do not support piracy and call others “pirates”. But what you do is not much better.
    Bunch of liars, thieves and hypocrites, you are the shame of the OSx86 community! 👿

    1. As much as I respect your opinion like you are entitled to yours , its just my thoughts as well. If you enjoyed what tonymac did , go ahead. The post was posted long time ago.

  11. You people giving Tony a hard time are hypocritical, it was against the law to begin with to fuck with Apple’s OS, so who gives a shit if Tony makes it easy for anyone to build a Hackintosh.
    I am going over to Tonymac to donate $500 big ones….
    Suck it bitches.

  12. Do whatever you want, but you are a hapless n00b anyway. Installing OS X on a PC is “not against the law”, it is at most “in breach of EULA”, which is a totally different matter. And it is for educational purposes only.
    Go ahead, go to tonymac, but when things go wrong don’t go crying to other OSx86 projects, as many of you nabs do.

  13. frankly i at first didnt know theta tony stuff is(stolen)work
    its a shame because his procedures are helpful for noobs
    that said
    you dont learn anything going easy….
    ive been building machines since 1980 (mostly windows/ibm warp)
    there is education if u do it yourself….but for many help is always good…
    what makes me angry is ive used tonys stuff and it works ok.. 😳

  14. As a former forum reader and poster at tonymacx86, I can tell you they are quite Orwellian in their rules, regulations, and usage policies. After making suggestions and using the word ‘hell’ in a post, I was chastised incessantly by an admin there (TheLostSwede) and I decided to take my postings elsewhere.
    Its a free internet (for now anyways, except you China) and I choose to go to Vote with your mouse people. If you don’t like them, go elsewhere.

  15. What gets me about tonymacx86 is they are NOT working under the spirit of the OSx86project. Right in the rules of the site they tell you: “AMD CPUs and NVIDIA, ATI, VIA or SIS desktop chipsets are not supported”. And: “The software and DSDTs created by tonymacx86 LLC may not be redistributed” (AS IF they can claim proprietary ownership of a DSDT or ANY of the software on the site…….) AND the Kicker: Any post requesting help for unsupported hardware will be deleted and the poster may also be banned.
    So basically the SOB is saying: Use the hardware I tell you to because I dont know how to make anything else work, Dont redistribute the software I stole because it might get discovered by the people who actually coded it, and if you ask me for help with hardware I dont know how to work with I will ban you to save myself looking like an idiot and pretend you dont exist.
    Does tonymac work for Apple? Sure sounds like it….
    BTW Running Lion 10.7 on an XFX 750i Nforce SLI Mobo, core 2 quad, 6GB Ram, 1GB GTX 285 GPU all setup using open source solutions installed from a 10.7 retail dmg file. No tonymac scamware. Couldnt have used any tonymac software anyway as “My hardware is unsupported” and I would have been banned for even asking about it.

  16. Well, what a heated comment thread! I for one have had my ideas stolen, without acknowledgement or thanks and quite frankly it is incorrigible. It merely shows you the mettle of the person in question (In this case Tony Mac) What has happen here is more than a slight of hand by a less than second rate re-packager but more along the line of a second rate thief with no conscience or ability to do his own original coding.
    I have been to the site in question and have used some of the tools that were there…… That was before I noticed that the focus on the site was narrowing and becoming more dogmatic. (OBEY!) It is true that if you do not use the hardware that they suggest then you will receive little or no help or even banned. They are forcing themselves into a smaller and smaller box.
    Without the creative ability to do their own original coding they will have to rely on thievery, standing on the shoulders of others to come out with their “newest bla bla bla” for the Gigabyte or Intel specific motherboard. Remember… if you don’t have the stuff they want you to use (OBEY) then NO SOUP FOR YOU!
    I will be blasting them on the site with my request to be BANNED from their site. The site should be called “TonyMacMadoff” (He made off with the goods!)

  17. Well as bgrau2000 I have been using the hard work of the OSX community since the days of maxuss and pearpc…
    I fell victim of tonymac’s crap packaging by being impatient about getting hdmi to work better on my rig… my multi boot system – SL, Lion, MLion was working perfectly with latest svn version of Chameleon… until I installed that beast of a software, and as a beast it trashed booting to Lion and MLion… I looked for any help or hint of an uninstall procedure on tonymac’s forums, none to be found… the whole thing is opaque, and non transparent unlike Chameleon or Voodoo… even if you go commercial, the least professional thing to do is provide an uninstall for your packaging… and not saying what your stuff does to someone else computer in the background is unforgivable (people have been complaining of kexts changing every reboot (like AppleRTC.kext)… The guy and his group are not even fit to be called commercial, they are gangsters…

  18. hey guys I am trying to help people on that forum tonymacx86 and he banned me for piracy. I’ve suggested to a noob of using my boot cd and
    I received a message saying BANNED for piracy and using other tools 😀 😀

  19. $130,000 approximate income (read: illegitimate profit) for 2011? Since then his site has only increased in popularity.
    I say it’s time to take a little road trip to Ledgewood, NJ. I hope he’s on the Lookout.

  20. Interesting thread… I was using TonyMac’s stuff (mainly multi beast) but had no idea that he uses other people’s work without giving them credit. Pretty pathetic if true IMO.
    I ditched his boot loader in favour of a vanilla Chameleon and must say it works better (more stable and faster).

  21. Plagiarism is reprehensible but, unfortunately, it is an overwhelming epidemic that has infected every domain of human activity including politics, science, technology, literature, pop culture… I’ve had creative work plagiarized in a way that has caused credit for it to be irretrievable. A poem I wrote which was published in two books and all over the internet was represented as being by an anonymous person who committed suicide which, consequently, made me a bonafide member of the Dead Poets Society. Like poetry, OSX86 work is also creative work and anyone who uses other’s work and doesn’t attribute the source deserves utter contempt no matter how useful their work which contains plagiarized content is.

  22. The spirit of osx86 is to boldly tinker with unsupported hardware. Most of the things I’ve been able to get working are going undocumented because they are so specific..

  23. this guy threaten me that he will sue me if i don’t remove some tutorial I wrote about how to use his utilities with installesd.dmg so I removed it instantly. Now when I read this I’m sorry that I deleted the content, even worse is that that was my top visited content… Anyway since than I found out that myhack is much better solution

  24. It’s great to see everyone finally on to TonyMacX86. I became aware of him way back in ’09, before his fancy site. I didn’t have much problems with him personally, but that guy that goes by the handle “TheLostSweed” is a straight up PRICK… and that’s me being VERY nice.
    I was very critical and outspoken about TMX86 from the beginning, even long before the donations, co$toBitch, and ads. My beef with them back then was that they were putting their tools together, would not tell you what they did or how they did it, and were luring n00bs into total dependency on them. It further pissed me off that they even employed unsavory tactics such as hidden attributes / flags, and tried their best to bury and conceal what was on his boot CDs and how they worked so n00bs COULDN’T learn, or figure out maybe how to fix things when they didn’t go as planned (which was a lot).
    I tried make them see the light, and they wouldn’t, but their reasoning became clear once they started in with finding ways to bring in $$$. I wouldn’t even mind that (so much, and personally), if it all worked great and performed as advertised, and they were committed to helping people, but that is just the OPPOSITE of what they are about. Then, when you asked for support from them, and your issue wasn’t a quick fix… they no longer responded to you.
    The worst one there is that bastard TheLostSweed. He was down right nasty and mean, even vicious towards me personally. Then he started banning me, for no good reason, and that really ticked me off. I would create new accounts, and he was actively watching for me, even blocking my IPs like the true asshole he is, and deleting my new accounts. Obviously, since they couldn’t code, they had nothing better to do with their time. Eventually, and only out of spite, I was able to created like 10 other accounts, which I still have, not that I need them, but just to spite these pricks. I even chatted with that LostSoul a few times, just to spite in his face… so to speak.
    N00bs: It’s really best NOT to use Tony’s site or stuff. If you want to just take a machine, slam OS X on it just to see OS X run on a PC, then yeah, TonyMac’s stolen goods and glory can be a quick way to get to that.
    But if you want to build a Hackintosh, put some software on it, and actually use it… then DON’T use his crap because it WILL break eventually, you will have NO IDEA how it worked in the first place and for sure no way to figure out how to fix it, not easily, and you will probably loose data, and your sanity trying to get it back.
    Take your time, LEARN! Tony and his cronies are NOT interested in helping you. They’re interested in you helping them get some money tossed their way.

  25. regrettable,
    that disappointment with tonymacx86
    I will not even enter their site anymore.
    even block with fireware for not enter by accident
    que decepção com tonymacx86
    Eu não vou nem entrar no seu sítio mais.
    até mesmo bloquear com fireware para não entrar por acidente

  26. This war is ridiculous. I was able to create my first Hackintosh by using TonyMac’s software. I am now using Clover on the same machine with a different install, so I’m not really reliant on what he puts out. But I do rely on the forums to share information. So, if you mention InsanelyMac on tonymacx86, your post will be deleted. If you mention tonymacx86 on insanelymac, your post will be censored. (I found a useful driver on InsanelyMac and shared it on the Dell XPS 8500 thread on tonymacx86 and the post was deleted.) But frankly, there is useful content on both sites! Is what tonymacx86 doing wrong? Perhaps, if he is still failing to give credit to the right developers. (Honestly I don’t know since this stuff is from 3 years ago!) But is that a reason for censorship? Honestly, Microsoft was always the enemy back in the days before the iPhone–but that didn’t warrant censorship of their very name on Mac forums. tonymac has made hackintoshing possible for noobs. This is not in the spirit of “open source everything,” but it is in the spirit of the Mac: “it just works.” I guess also in the spirit of Steve Jobs favorite quote that “great artists steal.” You don’t have to like tonymac, and tonymac doesn’t have to like you. But I speak to both parties: censorship belongs in the Great Firewall of China, not in the open internet. Stop this petty bickering and work on making the hackintosh community better.

  27. Tonymacx86 Collects way more than $20 a day in display… Look at his Buyer’s Guide… It’s littered with affilaite links. average build cost from $540-$2500 * .08 amazon affilaite commission.
    See the real money!!!!
    Think about it, he simplified the process. I agree he is sort of a soup nazi, but aside form the code, this is a different argument.
    1. The guy did something other communities did not, he organized and structured a – simple install process that worked – for tens of thousands of people (non-coders) over the last few years.
    – thank him for that.
    2. He’s making a boat load of amazon affiliate commissions from his buyers guide.
    – It’s the internet, that’s not a crime in itself.

  28. Not saying any of this is right but is it real good irony in the fact that is the eyes of Apple everyone involved in the Hackintosh community is wrong and a thief. I love both tonymac and nawcom and insanlymac and macbreaker and qoopz and ideneb and niresh and a large number of other contributors to the hackintosh community since 10.4. I’ve seen em come and go and everyone of them has made my knowledge of osx that much better. Stop fighting and fuck already. Jesus Christ.

  29. this is just stupid, flaming tonymac like this over some silly allegations.
    the guy is a legend and his tools are the simplest methods to get a hackintosh going – whether you like this fact or not.
    so feel free to post more rubbish about TonyMac but has anyone matched his efforts? DUH!

  30. Has anyone attempted to contact the main person behind Tony Mac for legal/copyright damages? It appears that they’re registered in New Jersey as an LLC for the past couple of years:
    Tonymacx86 LLC
    23 Lookout Dr
    Ledgewood, NJ 07852
    (973) 584-5273
    I’ve watched this site grow out of the hard work of others in the community. Credit is rarely given when due and I’m completely against everything their community stands for. They’ve used some of my code in a recent ‘Unibeast’ release and now I have a private investigator trying to track the person(s) involved.
    The phone number is/was registered to a Michael Wallace, living at 23 Lookout Drive in a half-million-dollar home. But they’re accepting donations for others’ hard work? Doesn’t add up to me.
    I’ve been involved in the hackintosh community since the early days, taking the infamous “deadmoo” VMWare image native after Apple released the Intel Dev Kit. Taking Tonymacx86 to court has been a pet project of mine for the past 6 months. Any information is welcome.

  31. Multibeast is a shit, everyone knows that initially was stolen work of MyHack. Why some peoples here are not ashamed to support tonymac ??
    I have an idea .. Because They are like him, that is, incapable, thieves, idiots.
    The act of Install OSx in a PC is something for real programmers, all other worms are just licking the ass to get some help by someone on each release. Multibeast is made for idiots, then why idiots are here talking?
    For these peoples: are not you ashamed to talk?

  32. @every single little basement commando on here flaming anyone
    taking someones hard work (which they published to the internet freely) and adding to it or improving it isnt exactly stealing and i had i wrote a few lines of code i would be tickled pink to see in used in someones software . and considering the software makes everyones life easier. also if you dont like the rules on the site dont let the door hit yea he helps people just because its not your idea of the best solution doesnt make it the wrong one people
    noone one here has the right to pass judgement

  33. Improve a software is ok, stealing a software is bad, even if improved. What’s the part that you miss in this article?
    Do you understand that they were not able to compile the kernel by themselves, and they copied an already compiled binary?
    Never heard of License and Copyright? Because you talk about things you do not know?

  34. Every single piece of code on insanly mac or tony mac is written by someone not one single piece of code is copyrighted as far as i know and when it was uploaded to a public forum it become public information therefor copyright laws do not apply as there was no protection in place to begin with and the developers knew this before hand so to sit here and cry and piss and moan cause someone used your work to make something better is lets say 5yrs old i dont agree that the developers should not get credit they should get the credit it was their original hard work that made it possible these 2 communities are full of wonderful and helpful information its a shame that you guys have to act like a buch of twats to each other when you could be working together to make it all better

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