Malaysians can make RM1 Million by Blogging says BH

Yes thats right folks. It seems that the Weekend Malay Newspapaer , Berita Minggu had an article reported on “Blogger Earns RM 1 Million (that is roughly around US$ 327,279). So I was like , wow , its time to apply this technique in my boring hackint0sh money and start scamming people and making money  start to make some pocket money to treat myself a cup of hot chocolate @ Starbucks.
The newspaper interviewed a blogger , called Mira Abu Bakar , who pretty much blogs about her daily stuff.  She reported managed to earn up to RM 12,000 a month ~US$ 4000 a month. No doubt that when you visit a her site , its filled with advertisements and paid ad spots. With the amount of traffic that she gets , no doubt she can make around USD$4,000 , but the question of making RM 1 million a month , na da no chance at all. I am still wondering how they come up with the 1 Million ringgit figure . As for making money blog sites , 80% of them talk about the same crap over and over again. I’ve visited a bunch and trust me it was boring. Mostly spamming about their referral links , building downline and desprate new bloggers thinking that they could make money
If you want to make money ? Write good content , automatically your blog would start picking up traffic. Please just be yourself ! Strange , it seems that I’ve done this at once , I do have a category on making money and traffic , I guess I should just include this as well !

The entire article in Malay (via icednyior)

Anyway , I read this article on icednyior’s blog and thought of posting it here so that my readers can know about what is going on in Malaysia from time to time. Of course if there is interest as well , I’ll post some awesome things about Malaysia too especially if you plan to visit.

Strange Issues with Site

For whatever reasons , if you are not able to load my site. Just use this mirror site. I’ll be trying to archive everything and make it avaliable , so that you may download it. I am going to write few guides later on especially on certain key issues regarding OSX.
You may access my site via : –

10.6.6 legacy kernel is out

For those who are using AMDs and legacy Intel processors and unuspported Intel processors such as Intel Atom. Nawcom has released a kernel for those of you. It includes support for Intel Sandy bay processors as well , so feel free to give that a go. If you’re using AMD processor , you’ll have to grab this first before upgrading to 10.6.6 !
You may read the entire information about at nawcom’s blog post. I’ll be just focusing on how to install and providing download links. Feel free to mirror it and please include credits where due !
Download links (Mirror #1) (Mirror #2) (Source diffs)

Installation Instructions (For those who are going to upgrade from 10.6.5 to 10.6.6)
1. Download 10.6.6 Combo Updater (Yes I know its going to take ages on your dial-up connection)
2. Run the Updater , when it prompts you to restart. Do not restart , instead run nawcom’s kernel installer which you’ve downloaded.
3. After the kernel and the patches are installed , you may reboot your PC
Suppose if you have a problem after installation , simply pop back in nawcomBoot CD , EmpireEFI or whatever installation disc you used and let the troubleshooting session begin. For in-depth help , I recommend you to drop by , #snowleopard

tonymac , seriously ?

While I was busy leveling up my character in World of Warcraft , it seems that there are few things which have forgot to blog about and to bring to your attention. Thankfully , nawcom did his research and posted regarding this matter over at his blog. Once again , I’ll try to make it simple to share on what is going on actually and explaining on why is it wrong and what he should have done.
Recently , tonymac released a kernel for OSX that supports Intel’s Sandy Bridge. Again its a good thing at first glance , I thought well , thats something close. Upon a closer inspection by nawcom , it seems that tonymac stole the code from qoopz , nawcom , AnV and few others that made the legacy kernel. The kernel that made AMDs , older Intel processors the ability to run OSX. . On top of that , its against Apple’s APSL which requires you to release any modification.

Qoopz' SSE3 emulator in the kernel ?
Qoopz' SSE3 emulator in the kernel ?

If you’re wondering why I wrote this blog post up , well I’ve worked with qoopz , nawcom and AnV and I know the team very well and I find it unfair that some guy comes along , steals the code (without giving any credit) and claims that it was his original work. For your information , the legacy kernel is important for a lot of people especially for those who are using AMD. Plus the legacy kernel enabled a lot of support , for instance 64-bit mode on AMD and old Pentium 4 computers , SSE3 emulation. These are fundamental things and it was done by great people for free of charge. Its not easy to write a SSE3 emulator , if you re wondering how hard , think of translating from Latin to English and then back to Russian.  I would like to highligh that stealing is wrong. The least tonymac should do even if he doesn’t want to release his source code is to give due credits to great people.
The community needs people’s support , if you realize any great work that I’ve done is that I’ve added credit. I am not perfect myself and i made a public apology myself in blog if I’ve made a mistake. Tonymac , if you want to help people at least do by the right thing. These great people have not even asked for a single cent nor have a donate to get personal support crap at all and they have been here for a very long time.
Nevertheless , nawcom and the team would be working on adding Sandy Bay support. As part of the OSX86 community team , I urge my readers to go by the correct path that is by going to ProjectOSX , nawcom’s site – just to name a few

MacOS X 10.6.6 update is out

Apple has released the newest update for OSX , which is MacOS X 10.6.6 and it includes the Mac App Store. If you’re thinking of upgrading your hackint0sh , feel free to follow my simple instructions. I am making it simple. To keep it short , its pretty same as upgrading to 10.6.5 , which I recommend you to read first
Things which have changed in OSX 10.6.6 :-
1. New Mac App Store
2. Improved nvidia drivers ( yes finally my World of Warcraft is pretty smooth on my MacBook Pro) but sadly it breaks compatibility with Fermi
IMPORTANT Notice : Please make sure that you’re downloading the updater from Apple’s site and not via software updater
UPDATE : 10.6.6 kernel is out and updated instructions for AMD/Legacy intel users ! , click here to read about it
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Its 2011

I would like to wish everyone Happy New Year. I know its kinda late but I do hope that 2011 would be the year for us , I am quite sure that you’re going to put your new year’s resolution into test. Lets just hope that it works out for all of us
Well , whats next ? I am not sure , hackint0sh is well hackint0sh. I do hope that there will be a break-through of some sort in the world of hackint0sh in this year. Let us just sit and wait !
Cheers !