Building a compatible Hackint0sh

First of all , before i get into the details. I would like you to take a look at this video. Credit goes to netkas for posting it up in his blog. In this blog post , I’ll be talking about the secrets of bulding the right hackint0sh. What exactly do you need. I am not going to post a bunch of hardware components like other guides that you may have read . Trust me , this one is going to be a bit different (more after jump)

So you want to use OSX , but cant’ afford to buy an expensive Mac. Fear not , Hackint0sh is here to help you. In this tutorial or basically how-to. I’ll be sharing you some tips and tricks on picking the right hackint0sh. Bear in mind , I am not going to cover for laptops and in fact I am not going to recommend any laptops as laptops and hackint0sh , they can be either hit or miss. We’ll be focusing here on building desktops over laptops.
Rule of Thumb
Let’s take a look at 5 simple rules when considering building a hackint0sh

  • Intel processors (make sure they are not the latest and greatest but the ones which work with OSX , i.e Intel Core 2 Duo , Xeon , core i7. Supposedly  Intel Core i500 was released today , do not get it – just wait till Apple officially supports it)
  • Nvidia graphics card (I do not recommend ATi due to number of reasons – its pretty hard to get it up and running , requires patching. Nvidia on the other hand goes pretty well with it. However I do not recommend to get the latest one. Suppose if GeForce 6 series is out  , always buy one or two generations behind (i.e GTX220 for instance). OSX drivers aren’t part with Windows. It generally takes apple a year to catch up

TIP from aschar “ prasys nice info  – but for the nvidia  – id recommend  definitely  older  ones  like 8800gt or 9800gt  used   –    at least 8xxx  above  –  and dual dvi”
I am not going to talk anything about DVD-ROM , Hard Disks , Monitor as any ones out there in the market would work. Hard Disks and DVD-ROM  must be SATA , would work if you’ve paired them up with the above combination. The only thing you should be worried about is Keyboard/Mouse. I do recommend you getting an Apple keyboard , if you can’t get an apple keyboard – consider at least getting a USB Keyboard/Mouse.
Next question a lot of people would ask , could you cite an example of a working build :-
I could dare to say that , you could get an Intel Pentium E6600 (USD 83.99)+ Gigabyte G31 board (49.99 USD) + Nvidia GeForce 8400GS card (29.99 USD) , would give me a working Hackint0sh. Its just an example , obviously you could pair up with an i7 , Gigabyte P55 board , GTX 260 for instance.
What I am saying here is that stop following blindly on guides , the important thing on getting a hackint0sh to work is processor , motherboard and graphics. The rest isn’t much of a problem.
If you have comments or suggestions , feel free to post !

  • Gigabyte motherboard (The reason why is because you could find DSDTs , and the BIOS do have tons of options which we could tweak instead of having a crappy locked down BIOS)
  • 10 thoughts to “Building a compatible Hackint0sh”

    1. Hi Prasys,
      Thanks for all the wonderful posts. Here’s my question. I’ve been using nVidia 8800GT, which works great and I’ve been always keen more to nVidia than to ATI for same reasons you said up above. My problem is that nVidia graphic cards (I’ve tried 8800 and 8600 on my SL hackintosh) sometimes have graphic glitches. I’m not sure why is like that. For example, when I use expose, every third to fourth time it gets choppy / glitchy animation. Funny thing is, games don’t or videos, any kind of 3D works flawless. Seems like only Mac OS is having issues with it. Do you have any advices on this? I use 10.6.5, Abit IP35 Pro, 8800GT… all working flawlesly. Sorry for a bit long comment and big thanks!

    2. Thank you, it’s good to know that I’m not alone. So there’s no way fixing it, huh? I forgot to say that i’m using efi strings. Thank you for your help, keep on with great work!

    3. Another difficult thing to set up and hard to get is a nice PCI wireless card that works like apple airport. In fact I have built 5 hackintosh and spend money in like 4 cards and no luck, a guide in this is also hard to get. But prasys is the most helpful guide over the net about mac os x installation proces.
      Keep on.

    4. My current Hackintosh is a Gigabyte EP45-UD3L, Q9400, nVidia 9800GT using nawcom and myhack. this system is as stable and solid as my MBP but allot faster. good write up prasys.

    5. Hi,
      I managed to install Leopard 10.5.2 (Kalyway) on an old Dell. but seems to be unpossible to install Snow. how can this be solved? Is it because of the non SATA drive?

    6. Hi, I am going to build a custom macpro alike pc to use with hackintosh, for gaming, editing video, etc, etc. I also want to have another HD to boot it with Windows 7.
      What kind of hardware you would recommend to me?
      Alex from Buenos Aires, Argentina

    7. I am looking at some laptops on new egg to make a hackintosh, more of a top end laptop, where is the best location to find out if the processor and graphics ect is compatible? this is one of the top ones I am looking at.
      TOSHIBA Qosmio X505-Q888 NoteBook Intel Core i7 740QM(1.73GHz) 18.4″ 4GB Memory DDR3 1066 500GB HDD 7200rpm BD Combo NVIDIA GeForce GTS 360M
      Any help would be great!

    8. Hi, i’ve got a asrock g41C-GS with G41 chipset and ich7 southbridge. No installation DVD boots in my sistem.
      My pc still remains in the first grey background with the apple in the center. NO more.
      I am using 3 gb ram 800 and on board intel 4500 grafics.
      Can you help me please? thanks

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