Yes4G – The "Yes" or "No" ?

Recently , Yes4G was launched in Malaysia. If you’re wondering what Yes4G is all about , basically its Voice + Messaging (SMS) + Data in one service and it follows the same principle on how the power company (TNB) and water company charges you. Its pay as you go , which simply means pay as you go. It sounds pretty good right , I mean if you use it , you pay it. Let’s get more in-depth shall we
However things did not turn out the way for Yes4G. I feel very bad for YTL. For instance their website were heavily attacked by hackers via DoS (Denial of service). Think of it as being a call centre representative and everyone who calls you , hang up immediately . What would you feel ? Its the same thing. I understand that part. Anyway the thing is that in business , we must be able to recover from disasters and sadly I don’t think Yes did not anticipate such things would happen. I am willing to forgive them but it would certainly give a bad first impression those who plan to migrate (more after the jump)

The biggest selling point of Yes4G (or as they call it) is the Pay As You Go service. Here are the plans which I’ve pulled from lowyat as their website is down at this time of writing. So yeah , here are the price structure. Well basically they only have 1 plan

snapshot (2)
The one and only plan for Yes - via joshuatly

Let me translate that , it does not meant that for 9 cents you get 3MB data + 1 Min worth of minutes + 1 SMS. It simply means for every 9 cents , you’ll get 3MB of data or 1 minute worth of calltime or 1 SMS. Its simple as that . I mean for call rate and SMS it seems to be pretty cheap. Now it doesn’t concern me about the voice and SMS part , for me and for a lot of Malaysians , we want a better Internet service. So now let us take a look at the data aspect and devices
YTL claims that they have covered 65% of Peninsula Malaysia. To determine if you’re covered or not check out their coverage site
Basically they are four devices which YTL offers

  • Go – The USB Dongle  (RM99) (Works with Windows/Mac)
  • Huddle aka MiFi – Mobility wifi hotspot which allows you to connect devices like iPad , iPhone , etc (RM399)
  • Buzz – Its a samsung phone  –  wimax phone (yet to launch)
  • Zoom – wimax CPE aka router + wireless modem all in one combo  (yet to launch)

The Data Aspect

Rates - via

There we go , thats how they charge. They charge you per MB. Which is okay , for instance 3GB of data in Yes4G would sum up to RM 67 as opposed to RM 68 by Maxis and Digi respectively . However , bear in mind that if you exceed 3GB of data , you’re pretty much screwed with Yes , as you wouldn’t able to get access at all as opposed to being throttled to 384Kbps or 128Kbps by Maxis or DiGi. I can’t say much about the speed , however my good friend joshua did attend the launch event an he posted his awesome FAQ , which I recommend to read.
Contracting Information ? Credit : myTechNews

Plus just for your information , you’ll have to reload RM 30 monthly in order to keep your service active , yes that is 1GB of data. You need to top up , no top up means no service ! Its simple as that , in other words there is a minimum of monthly commitment of RM 30 ! You may obtain the TOS from here
Again I can’t assure of p2p traffic or other things if they will throttle or not. They may or may not depending on their network usage. Well most of the ISPs do it anyway (except for JARING) in Malaysia , its to ensure that bandwidth is met for customers at all times.
I am not sure what happens suppose if you were downloading 2GB of file and if you’ve run out of prepaid balance ? Would it just cut in the middle of the file or would it still go on.
The Positive Aspects of the service
Before I get into talking about some of the bad things that Yes4G should address. Let us take a look at some positive aspects . Yes4G is one of the first Malaysian provider which offers Free Internet service to selected public universities in Malaysia which they will expand to all private and public universities  in Malaysia . Plus free services for public  schools aka government schools .
The beauty of is the phone service , which means if they have an app for iPhone/Android , PC/Mac and other platform. I sign them on , and suppose if i’ve an incoming call , all these devices would ring , which is convenient . I just give my 018 number out without exposing my real number !
Another thing to note is that the service is prepaid , so which means that we dont have to worry about bills and stuff which is good in a way. Plan how much you want to use and top up accordingly.
So for that , I’ll have to praise for that. Apart from that , well there is nothing much yet I’ve to praise as it  is just started. Yes I understand that Rome wasn’t built in a day
The Bad Aspects
Well it seems that Yes4G is having a bad time. For instance their website appears to be slow or it does not load at all , those who pre-regsitered for Yes4G were unable to register as for some reason their records couldn’t be found , some had to be activated twice.
Oh boy , as an avid twitter user. I saw on how tweets were being filled up on activation. A guy (edwardfoo) lost his pre-booked mobile number as it was taken and plus he had to pay activation fees twice. These are some problems faced by customers. There are also customers who couldn’t get things. Anyhow , as Chef Gordon Ramsay (yes I’m a big fan)  pointed out , these are common and I understand at times things can go wrong , but it depends on how you deal it. For instance , Yes4G should have at least refunded back or at least waived the activation fee for folks like edwardfoo . It would have changed the entire situation or offered some form of rebate. Trust me , it would have been way better !
On top of that , some posts in lowyat suggests that the web site was badly secured in the first place. So it brings to the question – Can actually Yes4G deliver it ? Thats the ultimate question.
Another thing which bothers me is that there is no call centre number or anything mentioned like that. This is the first time I am seeing such thing. I am okay with no call centre , but the most of Malaysians would still prefer to call up and channel their thoughts or rants. For instance what do you when their service is down ? I mean the only way to find out that if its your fault or not is by calling up call centre if my only means of connecting to your Internet is via your service or if I want to get instant answers
What should Yes4G do ?
These are my thoughts anyway. I do understand fully that Yes4G is a new player to this very broadband/VOIP (hybrid) industry. However in order to win hearts and minds of Malaysia , they should take one more step. Here are some suggestions that I would like to give to YES! . I am not being harsh or just bashing blindly , I am giving up some suggestions for you to improvise your service. I mean its good to see more broadband players in Malaysia and more choices for the rakyats !

  • Set up a call centre or at least put them online whereby customers can easily contact you. IF you have them already , put it up in the main page. I am quite sure that a lot of us prefer to interact with humans rather then with some automated
  • Reduce  “monthly fees” . RM 30 may be too step to keep the line active. Something like RM 5 or RM 10 a month would be pretty good and some people do not mind keeping them. I think it would attract a lot of students to use your service
  • Come up with pre plans (you can use your pay as you go basis buy give us an example. for instance it would cost RM 67 for you to have 3GB worth of data , so on and so forth as comparison basis as Malaysians are not used to seeing how data is charged for every megabyte

These are my suggestions. I do understand that Yes4G is a new player in town. Sometimes its cruel to be nice. I am providing valuable information which I’ve tapped into from my friends and from myself on what do Malaysians expect from an ISP. If you just keep customers happy  , I am quite sure that you’re able to get more customers in.
Conclusion & Summary
Well it seems to be a though week for Yes4G . I just hope that they get on their shoes and try to revamp everything. I do understand that YTL is new to the whole mobile service business , so that is why I am giving them a chance. I am quite sure that they are able to pull it off , but only time will tell that. For now , it seems to be bit shaky on how would Yes4G perform. Generally ISPs in Malaysia , would perform very well during the launch and it slowly start to go down the hill after they have managed to get a lot of customers. I am not too sure about Yes4G. In the coming months and weeks , I’ll post my thoughts and feedback
YTL/Yes4G , if you’re reading this (I’m quite sure) – please consider my suggestions above. Thats all I would like to say , and all the best in providing broadband services. I am quite sure that Malaysians need alternative and be sure to be a strong player in the market !

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  1. Good review, and you’re right, we should give them a chance to correct and rectify the situation. You know how life is: people always open their mouths to rant a lot, but seldom give praise.
    I was impressed with their launch, but hope the technical team can now buck up and deliver.

  2. Thinking of getting but the problem is on the coverage.
    Anyway prasys a.k.a applebyte mod a.k.a christy carlson romano fan, I change my blog, hopefully for the last :P.
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