Hungry Helga App Review for iPhone/iPod Touch

This time around , I got lucky enough to get the chance to review Hungry Helga which is a game for the iPhone and iPad (iOS platform). The game is about getting Captain Kjirk to feed Helga. You help him to  keep Helga happy and keep her from destroying their ship by feeding her fish. Lots and lots of fish. Well , yeah thats about the game. Its basically an arcade style of game (more detailed information after the jump)

If you like viking ? Catching fishes and an opera singer , yeah I know. Then Hungry Helga  is certainly for you (or if you would like to keep your children entertained for hours). Hungry Helga keeps you entertained for hours if you like those stuff  , especially if you’ve a kid and if you’re traveling long distances.
The Gameplay
First of all , let  take a look at the graphics. I’ve to say that the graphics is pretty good for of its kind. I was told by the developer that it uses the newer OpenGL graphics acceleration which is found on newer hardware such as iPhone 3GS , iPhone 4 and iPad to deliver stunning performance , because of this older devices such as iPod Touch 2nd generation and iPhone 3G are just not compatible – meaning that the app would cease to work  ( i am just informing you)
The gameplay I would say is addictive , you bomb the fish , feed them to your wife (Helga) before she sinks your boat. You’ll have to learn to predict how and where to bomb , and fishes would get smarter and smarter in later levels. There are also other sea creatures that you should watch out for.

Stunning graphics on the iPhone 4 - I like the whole viking theme

It needs some kind of extreme mode as the normal gameplay kind of gets a bit boring for those after a while for  who love challenges . Make it bit more interesting , bring in the hardest level – with sharks , iceberg , seagulls. It would be even more interesting to see.  It would be great for the developer to also release a lite version for those that would like to test out this game before purchasing and some people don’t really want to buy applications blindly without testing them out first !
Isn't she cute...just take a look at her

Customer Support
Yes , being an Indian myself. We love to test things out if its really bang for buck or not . the nice thing about customer support is that developer is open to suggestion and he is available on Twitter , which means that you get to channel your suggestions and thoughts via Twitter which is a good way.  He replies to you pretty fast , so I’ve to give thumbs up on that !
I would recommend this application provided that if you like vikings and love catching fishes and if you have kids . This game is certainly designed for kids and as well as people who just want to kill the boredom and love challenges . Given that its reasonably priced at USD$1.99 for the iPhone version and USD$2.99 iPad version , (PS to Developer – I hope to see a reduced price soon as it would get a lot of people to purchase this amazing app) I would certainly buy em even if not for the game play but for its graphics and awesome support by the developer. Honestly if you are looking for another addictive game with awesome graphics (yes its just mind-blowing) , give Hungry Helga a try
App Store link for iPhone version
App Store link for iPad verison
Developer’s Home Page
Developers Twitter Page
Overall , I would rate it a 4.5/5 –
I would like to extend my gratitude to the developer of this game for allowing me to review this game.

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