Useful Tips & Tricks before Upgrading OSX on Hacks

A lot of times , I’ve seen people faced a lot of problems with the hackint0shes after upgrading MacOS X (i.e from 10.6.4 to 10.6.5). This is common , even if your system is vanilla or if its as close as the real thing. Its a common thing , remember that we are running on an unsupported hardware. You must always bear in mind that there will be time that when things that can go wrong , it will go wrong. Therefore , making sense to why Murphy’s Law is always true.
To be honest with you , I’ve faced a lot of problems after upgrading. But thankfully I’ve written some tips and tricks for you to prepare your PC  (more after the jump)

I would like to share some essential tips on preparing your system for upgrade. Even if your system works without keyboard/mouse or display is out. It will give you an advantage to repair your system. Here are couple of things you could do :-
1. Have a handy dandy boot disk – Empire EFI , nawcomBootCD , iBoot – whatever you’ve used to install OSX. Keep it handy , it can be used to boot a broken installation and most of the time it would succeed. If you’ve lost it , I would recommend you getting a newer version if you don’t have them ready.
2. Another option is for you to enable the follow options. They are located in System Preferences under Sharing. I highly recommend to turn them on , – for instance even if you’re stucked with a black display or if your keyboard mouse is not working. It allows you to move files or fix it remotely. Yeah , sure it can be cumbersome. But its better then nothing !

Screen shot 2010-11-15 at 4.17.59 PM
Do not forget to select Remote Login , File Sharing (for both Windows and Mac) and Screen Sharing

3. Be sure to enable screen sharing by password only. This allows non-Mac clients to use a regular VNC Software to “VNC” to your Mac. VNC allows you to remotely control the PC. So for instance if the keyboard and mouse is not working due to issues with USB. You’re at least able to download the fix and apply it straight away
One more thing…
4. Just wait , especially if you’re using your PC for production (i.e music creation). Everytime when a new version of OSX comes out , we’ll have to play a game of cat and mouse. So it takes time for us to figure out how to patch the bugs. If you are impatient then go ahead and upgrade your system but do not come and cry when your system is broken. I’ve warned you. Think of it to similar on how jailbreaking works !

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  1. Thanks Prasys,you are the teacher and that deserves respect to your advice, we will be pending to the updates that you realise because we have by certainly these working to give the tranquillity us with this new update, my better desires and luck

  2. You can also use iportable, a bootble usb image of snow leopard, works well in my laptop and pc. I always have one copy ready before upgrading.

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