DataMan for iPhone – Review

I got the chance to review DataMan application for the iPhone. I’ve not done any application reviews yet , so this is going to be my first application review which I’ve ever done. If it does not sound as professional as the ones you may have read , please do apologise as I am trying my best to make sure that its not biased and it answers most of your question.
I would like to extend my gratitude to the developer of DataMan application for enabling me to conduct a review and write about the application

Overview of the application
Basically this is an awesome application that allows you to monitor your WiFi and 3G/Data usage so that you do not exceed your quota , especially if you are not on an unlimited data plan . I am quite sure that some of you may say , why bother doing that when there is a built in application in iPhone which keeps track of data. But the problem with the built in application is that it does not track WiFi usage , and it only tracks 3G usage. Plus you’ll have to restart the counter manually as opposed to this which keeps track of your billing date. It makes sure that what is billed and what is used is somewhat consistent

The application overview - it clearly states your cell data + wifi usage

Using the application
Now enough of the explanation , let us take a look at the interface. Its pretty straight forward to use , you’ll just have to set your daily , weekly and monthly limits , alert thresholds and you’re set ! The application runs in background , it just keeps track of your data usage. Do not worry about losing battery life , the application uses native methods of iOS 4 multi-tasking functionality which simply means that it does not drain battery and it only does low power polling which works like much like other applications that you multi-task with.
Gives you a weekly overview report - on how many MB of data you've sent and received !

You can view your usage by weekly which I think is pretty awesome. It gives you the complete breakdown on how much MB you’ve transferred , via 3G and via WiFi , which I think is pretty awesome as I am using a 500MB data plan and it keeps me informed on my usage
Alerts - it sends out alerts once you are about (or have already) reached your limit

Once you’ve hit your limit or somewhere near it , it would send you a notification which alerts you of your usage. I find this pretty interesting as my carrier would send a text message when I am near the limit but this application acts as a second layer so that I am ready to anticipate and cut down my data usage.
The only downside that I see that on iPhone 3G , the application doesn’t quite work , I guess its because iOS 4.1 and iPhone 3G they don’t go together very well. Another thing to note is this application only supports iOS 4 devices which simply means iPhone 3G , iPhone 3GS , iPhone 4 users. Those who are on iPhone 2G are left out , I do know that a lot of people are still using iPhone 2G. I contacted the developer and he said he is working on supporting earlier devices.
Another thing that i would like to see is the ability to export data , so that I could use spreadsheet application program to predict my data trend or to plot a graph. Better yet , a built in tool would do the trick as well. Plus the support provided by the developer is pretty good , I’ve to say. It becomes a factor in deciding an application or when reviewing an application. This is because when you pay for an application , you expect the developer to provide some decent support. For this case , I’ve to say the developer was quick to respond to my queries ┬ásuch as asking questions regarding compatibility for iPhone 2G !
Summary & Verdict
Its a must get if you are using data constantly and if you’re on a limited data plan or if you are using wifi services which measures by quota , by all means – get this application. It costs 99 cents , if you convert that to Malaysian Ringgit . It is only like RM 3.10. Thats pretty cheap you ask me , well its better then spending on those fart applications. Certainly I would recommend it if you’re on a limited data plan , however if you have an unlimited data plan , then his application has no use to you as there is no reason for you to monitor your data at all.

  • Reasonably Priced (USD 0.99)
  • Easy to use (just have to do set my limit and it does everything else for me)
  • Awesome customer support – Developer replies e-mail queries pretty fast !
  • Accurately monitors data


  • Slow on iPhone 3G in iOS 4.1
  • Not compatible with previous generation devices such as iPhone 2G (iOS 3.x)

App Store Link
Would I recommend this application = Yes , without a doubt

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