Maxis10 Reviewers Programme : The Complete How-To

Thought of posting this entire process and some tips on how to apply regarding Maxis10 review program. In this post , basically I’ll be kind enough to walk you through the entire process of applying for Maxis 10 review programme. It was originally inspired by Ein’s post in Malay language. I thought of writing it out in English and not to mention by adding my own tips as well.
Now , let us begin ..*drums roll*.I’ve written it in Q&A form (Questions and Answers) which will make it easier for people to read and to understand as well

What is Maxis 10 ?
Basically Maxis 10 is a review programme by Maxis (No its not the creator of SIMS , its a carrier/mobile company in Malaysia) that allows average bloggers to get a chance to review latest smartphones. Basically 10 of the chosen ones get a 2 week period to review the phone and possibility to get to keep the phone after the review period if the job was executed swiftly. In other words its a win-win situation for both parties , review honestly and you get to keep the phone !
What are the requirements for me to join this programme ?

  1. Blog (regardless if its self-hosted or hosted by WordPress , Blogspot , etc). The main requirement here is to have an active blog which is frequently updated with a decent amount of traffic (visitors) . The language of the blog can be either in Malay or in English
  2. Sociable – In other words you need to have a FaceBook account and Twitter. More followers/friends in your Twitter/Facebook , it would be an added advantage
  3. Folks who are living in Malaysia (i.e PR , Citizens or somebody who is just here for work purpose)

Its simple enough right. That are the official requirements. What I would like to add is that , for your blog. It does not have to be a tech blog , it can be in fact any blog as stated by Maxis. The thing I would like to add is that your content is to be a genuine content. In other words , you did not copy and paste a chuck of stuff from other site and claim its yours. I’ve seen a lot of people doing this , trust me – if you’re doing that. You are doing it entirely wrong. If you want to build up your blog , sure , you may link to an external site , but give you own thoughts and opinions to it. Just like what I am doing , I am taking the idea from Eins’ Blog and putting in my own input and thoughts !
Enough of your lectures – Tell me how can I apply for this programme ?
Simply just follow [email protected] and be sure to Like Maxis Official FaceBook page. After that , simply hit the Maxis10 tab and start to apply as Maxis 10 reviewer. Its simple as that.  I am not going to walk you through the entire how to sign up process as I believe that you are mature enough to answer the questions. As for traffic hits and the number of unique visitors , if you have been using any counter , tracker that says how many visitors have visited , that would be a good indicator. Another good way of doing is to obtain the data via cPanel (if your hosting provider has cPanel) or via Google Analytics.
Thats about it just wait for your luck
Since you got to be a Maxis 10 reviewer. Any tips that you would like to share or to add ?
Fair enough. For my Maxis 10 – iPhone 4 programme. Over 1,000 people applied and Maxis picked 10 out of 1000 people. It was a though job indeed. I was lucky enough to be selected , so you get the entire picture on how many people did actually apply for it.
You’ll be known if you are selected as Maxis would contact you via e-mail , SMS and a phone call. At first when I got this call , I thought It was a joke , but after checking out my e-mail , found out that it was true. Plus the FaceBook announcement by Maxis confirmed it all !
Apart from that , well you get to be part of the official product launch by Maxis. As you can read from my Maxis iPhone 4 launch event post. It was just mind blowing ! Meeting people , seeing crazy crowd. Yeah you get the picture. If you want to be selected as Maxis 10 reviewer , I recommend you to start brushing your blog and getting visitors. Write genuinely and trust me you’ll be rewarded.
If you have been selected but unable to comply to the rules , I recommend you to inform Maxis earlier as you are just taking somebody elses opportunity  !
Fair enough ..Any tips on how to write reviews for Maxis 10
Actually I faced the same problem when I was selected . I had no clue on how to write and stuff. Sure i was given a guideline – 4 blog posts , 1 FaceTime session  1 video review , so on and so forth. I had no clue how to start. As you can see I am more of a tech inclined person as opposed to writing my daily activities  with the iPhone 4. So I had to tons of research before writing the review, and again thats my style. Maxis appreciates any form of writing , you could write your daily usage with the iPhone 4 like some other Maxis 10 bloggers , it does not have to be so technically inclined !
Basic rules are well just to follow what Maxis asks you to do , just follow their minimum requirements. The more you do , the merrier it would be. Just be sure to use the #maxis10 hashtag when twitting or sharing your link. You’re required to use the hashtag.
In other words , just be yourself when writing reviews. It does not have to be professional review , just something that comes from yourself and from your heart. Be genuine and just be yourself. Oh another thing to note , when taking pictures of the phone be sure to use Maxis SIM.

If you really don’t have an idea where to start , take a look at previous Maxis10 review content , read all of them. The more the better so that you can get a grasp , you can start by reading mine. Alternatively the whole reviewers blog posts could be viewed via the maxis10 application @ Facebook
Oh, another thing to note is that as for my iPhone 4 review programme. I collaborated  with other #maxis10 iphone 4 reviewers as well on whats the next thing that we should write. In other words we discussed and then wrote , each with a different approach and style of course ! You should do that too
So what do maxis and I get out of this ?
As I’ve said earlier , its a win-win situation for everybody. If you review and use the power of social media to get a lot of people to get the phone from Maxis , it would benefit maxis. In return if you did a good job and Maxis loves your review so much , you can get to keep the phone. Think of it as getting a free phone  , except you’ll have to earn it by reviewing honestly.
As we know things have changed and people are getting into social media , people seem to trust social media more then they do with companies writing reviews. Plus some of my friends did get iPhone 4 after reading my own review and testing out the phone themselves.
Conclusion…Well what can you conclude out of this
Truly , its one of a kind programme by Maxis. Kudos to that. I’ve made new friends from my Maxis 10 review programmes , learned a thing or two on social media and how powerful it is. I can’t really write the experience out , it must be felt. I am sure that other Maxis10 reviewers that would agree upon. The experience of it is totally different. I just hope that you get the chance to be in line to review the next smartphone which Maxis is offering. Just do the best. If you want it badly , start aiming hard from now and trust me if victory shall be in your hands !.

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