Need Feedback on Chameleon Nightly Builds

I was thinking of making nightly Chameleon builds available for people to download , which means that you do not have to compile chameleon builds nor seek somebody to put up latest chameleon builds in message board. This allows you test out latest version of chameleon without the need of hunting down installers.
I would like to know your thoughts on this and what do you think about this idea. Feel free to post if you think its a great idea or not. I’ll be giving it a test run in a day or two times. Basically I am trying to come up with an automated script which would automatically fetch latest chameleon from svn , compile it and put it up as binaries in my ftp repo , so that you can download it and test out the latest version.
Of course , its just the binaries , which means that you would have to do a simple installation by yourself to enjoy the latest bug fixes and variations of chameleon !

10 thoughts to “Need Feedback on Chameleon Nightly Builds”

  1. I think this a great idea. One thing to consider would be including detailed instructions to manually install it as well as the default theme and/or an extra popular theme or two. Packing it all into a .zip file which when extracted would result in a folder – that would correspond with your written instructions. Perhaps to go with this an in-depth blog post about what chameleon is and what each of its binaries does might help educate noobs.

  2. Yummy Yummy !!!
    But binaries only please, let all the themes and useless thingies aside.
    Nightly build are NOT meant to be used by UNAWARE peeps.
    Doing complete solution around nightly isn’t a good thing IMO.

  3. This implementation would possibly allow for a more rapid code development due to the inevitably increased feedback from end users and testers. Think Mozilla – Open Source for the masses!

  4. I think it’s awesome how MasterDav thinks he’s so leet above other users — but willingly encourages you to do the compiling and posting for him to use.
    You’re certainly entitled to your opinion even if it sucks. Why on earth would you ask for binaries only what honest to goodness use would this be to anyone who would effectively test them? They would already know how to compile them.
    Consider the audience you have visiting your blog and the opportunity you’d create by educating as well as providing any compiled versions at all. Including a total replacement of previous nightly builds at any interval that is complete as it was meant to be distributed by its original authors, along with the proper educational pieces would go much further. Anyone interested in the binaries separately would be just as fine ignoring them in the contents of the .zip files you post/host.

  5. Great idea! I agree with PolishOx: Please include detailed installation instructions.
    MasterDav: He’d probably make both sources and pre-compiled binaries available so if you don’t want the source, just don’t download it.

    1. Thanks for your input guys. Basically as Tom L pointed out. I’ll be including the binaries as the source can be easily obtained via svn. Clear instructions will be provided on how to update , clearly it will take some time as each of us do have a different installation method. I’ve to take that into consideration as well

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