5 Handy iPhone Tips & Tricks

Here are some handy iPhone tips and tricks , that you may or may not have encountered before.  You should read it especially if you’re new to iPhone platform (More after the jump)

Turning off 3G when not in use (aka before going to sleep)
3G consumes a lot of battery life as iPhone is an Internet Device which means that Internet is always-on. Thats why you don’t see iPhone/iPad saying “Connecting to Internet via 3G” or any sort of prompt. The disadvantage to this is of course it consumes more battery life.
My recommendation is to turn 3G off when you’re going to hit the sack. Its a good way to conserve battery life especially if you do not have any plans to charge overnight or if you have left the charger somewhere.
To turn off 3G , simply go to Settings -> Phone and turn 3G off

By turning off 3G services when not in use , you could save a lot of battery life especially if you're leaving the phone overnight without charging

Turning off un-needed background application (applicable for iOS 4.x devices except iPhone 3G/iPod Touch 2Gen)
iOS 4 adds multi-tasking capabilities which is great in sense that you’re now able to juggle between programs. Before we go to the point why backgrounding decreases battery life – let us inspect on how backgrounding works anyway. The application which are running in background are in suspended state which simply means they dont actually drain a lot of power , but from time to time they poll. Let me put it in this way , think of having a kid asking “Are we there yet ?” throughout the journey. Basically backgrounding works something like that. Polling does indeed take a bit of CPU time as it has to answer “No , its not your time yet !”. iPhone does not offer you to disable multi-tasking. However it gives you the ability to close applications. By default , it should take care of closing down applications when the memory becomes low or some-sort. But those who like me who want to squeeze more juice out of their phone. Then you may quit applications by  –
Double clicking the home button and then pressing and hold an application until it starts to wiggle. You should able to see a “no entry” symbol on top left hand corner of the application. Simply hit that to end the application’s process !


I personally recommend doing this when your battery gets low around 40% and you don’t have any charger around with you to conserve battery life. Otherwise just let the iPhone to handle it. It does a pretty good job anyway !
Scroll to Top
Often times , we do read something which is long and we scroll from time to time. Have you ever wondered , on how to scroll back up fast to the top page for instance in safari. Well you could do that by simply hitting the top part of your iPhone to instantly to bring back up as shown below

Simply tap on the time to scroll back up quickly

Taking Screenshots
Did you know that you can take screenshots by holding the Power button and home button together. The pictures are saved inside your “Camera Roll” which can be accessed via the Photos application
Turning off the device
Not many people do know this trick , that the iPhone can be turned off completely. The reason why you may want to do is to converse battery life when you are running out of juice.  Assuming you’re willing to forgo incoming calls and text messages and you want to use it for outgoing calls when you really need it. To turn off your iPhone completely , simply press and hold the power button till you see Slide to power off.
Another reason that you may want to turn off is when the iPhone is having some issues , (i.e if its slow , if its unable to connect to wifi , bluetooth or other problem). think of it restarting your iPhone. Fully power it off , wait for 5 minutes and then turn it back on !
Well thats all now folks. From time to time , I’ll be posting tips and tricks regarding iPhone ! Stay tuned. On the other hand , I should really go and talk about other things

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  2. Thanks! I’m still waiting to get an iphone 4 but I’ll save these tips for when I get one – I’ve never had (or even used) an iphone before. I especially like the screenshot tip. Wish my current android handset had such a feature, or maybe it does and I never knew?

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