nawcom ModCD v0.3 is out

Nawcom has updated his modCD again. This time addressing most of the issues which is found in the original post. If you are wondering whats nawCom BootCD basically it makes it even easier to install OSX. There is no more postInstall crap like myHack , multiBoot. This CD will pretty much take care most of the things for you , thus making OSX installation on PCs as easy as possible. For more details on nawcom’s modCD , do check out this post or over at his blog.
Changelog (from the previous version) :-

  • Changed the boot screen
  • Used the kernel blacklist code to disable graphics kexts when using the CD. This way there won’t be issues anymore.
  • Hardware autodetection is now done in rc.cdrom instead of OSInstall.mpkg, so the Install Customize dialog now 1000% faster since theres no conditions to go through for each one.

Screenshots (thanks to nawcom)
Automatic On the fly patching - kernel , drivers , etc

Adds custom drivers during installation
Adds custom drivers during installation , so you dont have to do any work !

Please note , its not a distro. It automatically patches your disc on the fly , and includes all these wonderful and simple to use options
Oh yeah , the download link (more mirrors soon) (Mirror 2) (Thanks reuploaded/ Mirror 3)
It simply translates to you’re able to install int variety of hardware and hopefully there shouldn’t be any black screen issues during installation. Again , its a work in progress by nawcom and I’ll be helping him as well. Feel free to post comments and any feedback , as I’ll collect them and discuss with nawcom !

Maxis10 Reviewers Programme : The Complete How-To

Thought of posting this entire process and some tips on how to apply regarding Maxis10 review program. In this post , basically I’ll be kind enough to walk you through the entire process of applying for Maxis 10 review programme. It was originally inspired by Ein’s post in Malay language. I thought of writing it out in English and not to mention by adding my own tips as well.
Now , let us begin ..*drums roll*.I’ve written it in Q&A form (Questions and Answers) which will make it easier for people to read and to understand as well

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Nightly Chameleon Builds

I’ve decided to go ahead with the Nightly Chameleon Builds , after taking into consideration of my readers input based on my previous blog post , The reason why I started doing Nightly Builds is based on my previous experience on PearPC. Back in the good ol’ PearPC days (yes , it was the only emulator out there that could run MacOS X in PC ,before the Intel transition) , I use to compile nightly builds and custom builds and put it up on my site. It did generate a lot of interest from people and not to mention rapid feedback from all folks to the development team. I decided to use the same thing with Chameleon. Anyhow , lets get into the content of this post
Oh one more thing , be sure to read the FAQ (after the jump) before embarking on the journey to download nightly build !

Download Link

FAQ (after the jump)

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Nawcom's BootCD – The sucessor to EmpireEFI

As we know , EmpireEFI , tonyx86 boot cd and other boot cd variants has helped a lot of us to get retail OSX installation in our beloved Dell Computers (and clones alike). What nawcom has done with his boot cd is that he has taken entirely it into next level. His bitchblog may seem a bit technical. So I am here to translate that to plain english on simply what it means. It simply means that now you can install OSX alongside with Windows on a MBR partition without the need of formatting the entire drive as GPT and using complicated procedures to dual boot. Plus on top of that , nawcom has added support for a variety of graphics card  (well almost all which Chameleon native Graphics Injector supports) as opposed to my EmpireEFI. It will automatically detect your hardware through I/O Registry and post-instructions will be posted over at Desktop , thus making it a lot easier for you to get to know about your hardware and to determine if its supported. For your information , I’ll be working with nawcom to come up with an awesome boot CD which shall supersede EmpireEFI.
UPDATE #1 – Updated version can be obtained from here (changelog + details) Read More

Need Feedback on Chameleon Nightly Builds

I was thinking of making nightly Chameleon builds available for people to download , which means that you do not have to compile chameleon builds nor seek somebody to put up latest chameleon builds in message board. This allows you test out latest version of chameleon without the need of hunting down installers.
I would like to know your thoughts on this and what do you think about this idea. Feel free to post if you think its a great idea or not. I’ll be giving it a test run in a day or two times. Basically I am trying to come up with an automated script which would automatically fetch latest chameleon from svn , compile it and put it up as binaries in my ftp repo , so that you can download it and test out the latest version.
Of course , its just the binaries , which means that you would have to do a simple installation by yourself to enjoy the latest bug fixes and variations of chameleon !

Reflecting upon iPhone 4 & Maxis10 Program

Basically this is my reflective post on what I think about the whole maxis10 program and Maxis iPhone 4 itself. Its my personal thoughts , basically I am reflecting upon the whole event and the whole iPhone 4 general by Maxis. At first I wanted to talk about Jailbreaking , which I’ll do that some time later ! But first let me speak out from my heart
I hope Maxis is happy with the genuine posts that I’ve made with iPhone 4. If you’ve noticed , I am being neutral in sense that I’ve highlighted iPhone 4 strong points and weak points and as well as some points for Maxis to improvise (Please , pretty please Maxis – come up with a plan for iPhone 4 for those who are disabled , its the only phone in the market that has some features such as increasing text size and stuff. No as of this writing and as of Android 2.2 , there is no way to increase the text size/font size). Plus to the viewers , I’ve stated why I like iPhone 4 and which parts it needs improvement.
What I would like to end here is that the whole event itself and how it has transformed me. I’ve met awesome people during the launch event , and not to mention the other #maxis10 users (It would have been great to meet all of the Maxis 10 users , but thanks to FaceTime I’ve managed to meet almost all of them). Meeting people of different background ethnicity , and different background truly symbolizes the 1Malaysia culture (Kudos again to Maxis 10 review program). I’ve learned a lot on how other people use their iPhone , some use it for their social buzz and others well as a gaming device. It has also opened my eyes on the applications which I’ve never used before on my iPhone.’

As for the Maxis10 reviewers program , its a superb program I’ve to say.  Its one of a kind by a mobile service provider in Malaysia whereby asking normal Malaysians to review a new smartphone/product in the Market and giving them their honest feedback. I am trilled and even my friend from the States which their mobile provider had something similar. Lets face it , whats the probability of you (an average blogger) gets a chance to review a mobile phone such as iPhone 4. Its very slim , unless you’re a famous tech blogger then people would contact you. How about small timers ? Well , Maxis10 review program is there. Just try your luck , who knows you might be selected ! Its a good thing that Maxis has turned into social media as social engineering changes the way how we do things. Would you rather believe your friend or an advertisement ? Obviously its the former , that is why social media is a very powerful weapon as we humans tend to trust another human and ask. Afterall , we’re a sociable creature
Plus I would like to thank Miss Fiona Jitab and April Yim for their awesome work. Yes , these two people generally answer all queries regarding #maxis10 review program , debrief us , and help us out if we are facing issues. I would like to sincerely thank them as they are essentially the backbone for this review program. Yes , thank you for entertaining my spam queries 24/7 and replying to them promptly and even offering me suggestions for apps !
Lastly but not least , as for the phone well it was good to have it for 2 weeks. I took care of it like a baby as generally I hate to torture when it was given to me for review purpose. I do know that some people expected to do a rough review like dropping it down from the 10th floor of a building , but sadly when you are given the trust to review something and post it back , you’re expected to take good care of it.
I would like to end this post with a high note for both the event and the iPhone 4 itself. I would recommend you taking a look at both Maxis iPhone 4 and as well as Maxis 10 review program, who knows you could be the very next person . As for the faith of the phone , I am okay with anything (that is either to keep it or that is to give it back to Maxis) , afterall the 2 weeks review period was a lot and I’ve bonded very well with my new iPhone 4 !
PS – I’ll be back talking about OSX , Hackint0sh and other stuff in a while. Got few things which I have to talk about

iPhone 4 Review – The Verdict

It has been 2 weeks since I’ve first gotten my iPhone 4 review unit from Maxis Malaysia (No , its not MAXIS that made Sims , its a cellular corporation in Malaysia). Basically in this post , I would like to sum up and conclude on my experience of the iPhone 4.
Before that let us take a look at few things . Firstly its the upgrade path. To make it easier , I’ll be doing it in bullet form (point form) , which is easier to read. I am not going to be long winded as I am quite sure you are eager to know about it. It would give you a clearer idea on which iPhone set to get and if you should upgrade or not , what are the pros and cons , etc
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iPhone Review Part 4 – Camera and Video

In this part , basically I’ll be focusing on the camera quality and video quality and how these two can be combined to make something useful , which I’ll show you in a while.
As you’ve read in my previous reviews on how iPhone 4 works generally , in this part – I’ll be focusing on the Camera and HD Recording functionality. As we all do know that iPhone 4 camera is somewhat way behind compared to other phone camera , for instance when iPhone 3G was launched in circa 2008 , other phones were already using 5.0 Megapixel with LED Flash. Now in 2010 , iPhone 4 has 5.0 Megapixel camera with LED flash and with HD Recording functionality.
PS –  If you’re looking for a good camera , just get a DSLR (the professional camera) or a good digital camera. Phone cameras are generally mediocre and no doubt iPhone is one of them !
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NVIDIA Kexts for OSX

This is is an official driver , which I’ve patched for Hackint0sh. It was released by NVIDIA to address some issues with MacPro Late 2009 model with GeForce 2xx series graphics card. Basically what this driver does is that it gives you :-

  • Improved performance for games such as Team Fortress 2 , Starcraft II and other games (It gives a large frame boost)
  • Improves overall stability with OpenGL applications (I’ve found out that my old Rayman III game doesn’t crash anymore)

However , I’ve patched it , basically I’ve removed a script inside the installer which checks for the right Mac Model and Graphics Card. Thus allowing real mac (yes I’ve tested it with my MacBook Pro Core i5 with GeForce 330M) and as well as Hackintosh to work.
It requires MacOS X 10.6.3 and above. It works with NVIDIA GeForce 8 , GeForce 9 , GeForce 1xx series , GeForce 2xx series. It does not work with GeForce 4xx series.
There are few drawbacks. Firstly , you’ll be losing Power Management -which translates to noisy fan (Fan will stay at 100%). This is somewhat bad if you are using a laptop or if you care for a noise-free environment. Secondly , this kext has known to cause kernel panics with certain configuration.
Download link
Any problems ? Feel free to leave a comment

iPhone 4 Review Part 3 – "Eye for an Eye"

This is the 3rd part of my iPhone 4 review . In this part of the review , we will be looking at FaceTime and few other functionalities of the iPhone 4 , including the Retina display and how it actually performs and applications for the iPhone 4 which is worth saying it out to connivence you to switch to iPhone 4. Oh yeah if you’re wondering why its called an eye for an eye , well I wanted to call it FaceTime for a FaceTime , but then eye for an eye sounds too cliché ! – Thus making me to use that phrase. (More after the jump)
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