iPhone 4 Review Part 1 – "Awakening Of The Beast"

iPhone frenzy , well thats all I would say. No matter where you go , or which part of world you are in. People would give that look. If you’re an iPhone or iPod Touch user or an Apple user , you know what I am talking about. Apple iPhone has completely changed the way how we use our phone. Its more of a social communication device. I mean phones have completely changed. Back then we used phones to place a call , then SMS surpassed that which enables us to send a quick text message whenever calling was not convenient. Then we had Internet on our devices which allowed to get information in real time. Recently , the whole social-sphere has changed the way how we communicate.

Its useless to resist
Its useless to resist - Its the one and only iPhone 4 !

The review will be broken into several parts as like always. In this part , I’ll be looking into the packaging of the iPhone and basically we’ll be taking a closer look on the iPhone 4 itself , including the phone itself , and my feedback on plans in Malaysia and to share a bit experience on getting microSIM.  I’ll be taking another spin this time again , basically trying to make it easier for non-tech and as well as technically inclined people to understand about the iPhone 4 .
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I am quite sure that I’ll bore you with death when I mention the specifications here. But let me ask you this question. These numbers here don’t mean that much , I mean you cannot go to your convince your loved one (whos not a tech savvy , for instance your father/mother to get you an iPhone 4 when don’t understand what is Ghz , GB , 3G , etc). That is why , I am going to translate tech jargon into plain English. I bet you’ll find it funny. If you are technically inclined and if you would like to get the whole specifications , I recommend you to click here (which takes you to official Apple site to find out more)
Processor (“brain of the phone”) : 1 Ghz Apple A4 Processor (which simply translates to driving a Lamborghini Gallardo over 250+ km/h from all the way from Kuala Lumpur to say Singapore. Feel the speed , yep its that fast)
Storage (“stomach of the phone”): 16 GB or 32GB (it could fit an entire song for traveling from Earth to Moon , from Moon to Mars , Mars to Saturn and a trip back to Earth. As for 32GB , well just imagine of traveling twice to the place and coming back to your beloved planet. It just holds twice. Thats how big it is. Trust me !)
Other Notable features  :

  • HD Video Recording Simply means that you’re able to see pimples in your face . Yes , its that detail
  • FaceTime – Free Video calling !!! Yep , I am not joking. If you’re a cheapo like myself Seriously , you can call any iPhone 4/iPod Touch 4 users  using WiFi.
  • Retina Display  – Its like watching ASTRO byond in HD or its like watching movies in bluray. The display is that clear.
  • Bluetooth , WiFiSeriously ? Do i even have to explain whats this. I am quite sure you’ve heard about whats Bluetooth and WiFi
  • GPS + compasslost ? No need to pull over “tepi jalan” (side of the road) and ask some random guy on how to go. GPS is here to help you , detects where you are and routes you to your destination. No , it does not do the driving for you , yet.

Well thats about it if you want it to get the overall view in a jiffy.
Obtaining iPhone 4 in Malaysia
Obviously , we can’t stop grey market. Before iPhone 4 was launched officially in Malaysia , a lot of people have purchased their iPhones from US , Singapore and Australia. Yes , you may say its the same iPhone , but there are few things that you should take note of and why you should purchase from an official mobile provider such as from maxis or from digi when you’re going to get it. First , if you buy a US iPhone 4 set , its not unlocked , which simply means that the iPhone will not take our local sim cards. Of course you could bypass this by unlocking the phone , but the disadvantage is that it prevents you from upgrading iOSes. There are obviously a lot of disadvantages if you get a “locked’ set. Of course you may disagree and get one from from Singapore as its unlocked. But you’ll face warranty issues.
To cut the long story short , just obtain a Malaysian iPhone set either from Maxis or DiGi. I know some of you may say that foreign sets are cheaper , but then what if something happens to your phone ? How are you going to get it replaced here in Malaysia ?
Getting the microSIM
For your information , the iPhone 4 wouldn’t work with our regular SIM. It needs a microSIM which is smaller then a regular SIM. So I had to go to Maxis Centre in Sunway , I waited long in the queue to get the microSIM. Unfortunately , I was not able to get my microSIM as the phone was not registered under my name. Nevertheless , the staff was friendly although a bit under-trained – he told me that I had to pay RM 25 , clearly its free for iPhone users who bought it during the launch.  This left me with little choice , I had to go back home and fetch mother  later that evening and bring her to Maxis Centre @ KLCC .

Queuing up to change my miniSIM into microSIM

Later that evening , I had to bring my mum (yes its registered under her name , as the iPhone 3G she gave me was a “gift”) to Maxis Centre in KLCC. The staff was friendly , and she managed to get my microSIM within minutes. The sad news is that my existing SIM card went out of service within seconds. Oh yeah if you’re wondering whats the big hype on the microSIM , generally it just means a smaller SIM size with no additional benefits over conventional SIM.
The difference between miniSIM and microSIM. I guess size matters these days. (Source : Wikipedia)

Maxis' microSIM - just incase if you're wondering how it looks like

I did ask Maxis Support Team to help me to activate and install my microSIM as I was too happy  to get my iPhone up and running. Honestly , if you’re not a tech savvy person , please ask your carrier (Maxis for my  case) to activate and install the microSIM for you. It saves the hassle of you trying to install the SIM card by yourself , although you could check it out a numerous number of videos in youtube on how to do it
“Waking the beast up”

As like all other apple products , the iPhone 4 has an astonishing box. I guess Apple always makes sure that the packaging is good as their products. Just take a look at the packaging – both the  iPhone 3G and iPhone 4. Notice the similarities ? I am quite sure that you do

The usual stuff which comes with Maxis iPhone 4 (From left to right) , iPhone 4 , Maxis iPhone warranty card , wall charger , manuals , earphones and USB cable (which doubles as a charger)

Lets move on , shall we. Opening up , I mean awakening up the beast , reveals its inner beauty. Basically , like all other previous generation of iPhones and iPod Touches , there is always the device (in this case the iPhone 4) , a USB cable and Apple earphones , manuals (do people even bother to read them ?) , a pin to “eject” the SIM card slot in the device , and a travel charger/wall charger. You may ask where are the installation discs ? Generally , Apple does not include them, as you could simply download iTunes which doubles as a music player and a synchronisation  software for the iPhone.
Manuals in Bahasa Malaysia (Malay language) and as well as in English. Clearly shows that Apple cares for Malaysia !

One interesting note that I would like to bring to attention is that Apple has included a manual in Bahasa Malaysia(Malay language). A lot of nationalist would be very happy with this as Apple decided to include Malay language. This clearly shows that Apple understands Malaysia. Thank you very much Apple. As a Malaysian myself , I couldn’t be more happy to see. Thumbs up to that.
Video of Unboxing iPhone 4
This is some what a sucky , cheap made video of me un-boxing my Maxis iPhone 4 set. I mean I am not a world class reviewer , but its something that I would like to share with the rest of the world ! The entire thing was recorded using my digital camera and edited it using iMovie on my Hackintosh ! (Yes , I could have used my mac , but hackint0sh is the way to go)

What’s Next
In the next part of the review , I’ll be taking a look at iOS itself and then we shall get our hands dirty by venturing deeper into the unknown realms of the iPhone 4 including the famous antennagate problem . Just stay tuned !
The iPhone 4 Epic Saga (iPhone 4 Review)
Part I –  Awakening of the Beast (iPhone 4 Unboxing)
Part II – Exploring the Unknown Realms (Exploring the antennagate problem , hype behind the phone and accessibility functionality of the phone)
Part III – Eye for an eye (Testing out FaceTime, applications , Retina Display and Game Centre)
Part IV – Say Cheese (Camera and Video Recording functionality)

Part V  – The Verdict (Conclusion)

I would like to say that its not a sponsored post by Maxis but more towards iPhone 4 review itself. The review can be negative or positive as they have spent out that each reviewers have their freedom of expression to express their thoughts.

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  1. Awsome! enjoy 🙂
    wish i could have one…
    btw – wanted to ask you a long time, is there a way to slim down SL Install Disk so it can be burned on a regular disk? like unattended one.

  2. @Khai – thanks
    @Fazreen – thanks
    @Morphey – Yes please e-mail me prasys at gmx dot com. I’ll show you how its done. You can burn it into SL. However, the installer will bitch. Few files needed to patch. Else go to IRC , and meet me there
    @Nizam , thank you

  3. good review. like my new 4. feels nicer, looks better, the reception is great for me. i love the facetime it helps me keep in touch with my partner and several clients who like to facetime. the processor is faster and it takes better pics and better video. love my new unlocked phones. simple to navigate around and emailing and texting isn’t too bad. my daughter and wife loves theirs for the facebook and games, also the aps are great for everyone. much better than my unlocked htc phones. the wifi and gps are great for my business and the fantasy football is easy to use. the speaker phone is loud and the touch screen is responsive. got my blackberry unlock codes and htc unlocking for free too for my wife and son. got our last couple 4?s at unlockthatphone.com 2 thumbs way up

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