Maxis iPhone 4 launch event

Maxis iPhone 4 was officially launched and I was one of the 10 selected people to get to test run iPhone 4 for 2 weeks. Before I would like to talk about the official launch event , I would officially thank Maxis for giving us bloggers , the opportunity to participate in such a big event and at the same time I would like to thank Miss April Yim and Miss Fiona Jitab. More after the jump

Anyhow , I have not seen an event in such a big scale. I’ll be uploading all the photos to flickr , if you’re a person who wants to see the action  But lets take a look at the event itself , as like other bloggers , they have covered how they viewed the event. But as usual , people who do know me , I do take a little spin for it. Plus I don’t really cover on events , but let me just try writing in a different manner for a change. The story will be narrated (unless you have text to speech enabled in your computer) from starting of the event till end of the event.
Maxis held the official launch event of iPhone 4 , over the gardens hotel. Since I’m one of the chosen ones (Maxis 10) , I get the opportunity to participate in this event and to get my review unit of iPhone 4 to be reviewed.
Chapter 1 – “The Queue”
The Queue was basically amazing. I have not seen this thing in a large scale. I mean , I have been to launch events , but seeing in this scale. Its totally different , its like Avril or John Mayer coming to Kuala Lumpur and performing live or if your favourite english football team coming down to Malaysia. It was spectacular.

The amazing crowd - Yes the queue extends up to car park. A lot of people are willing to wait to get their hands on iPhone 4

I did ask some people on why they are willing to queue ? I mean I am Malaysian myself , and lets face it – we don’t really like to queue up. But then after seeing this , I’ve to take back my assumption. The reasons they gave me did fascinate me. Most of them are existing iPhone or iPod Touch users , they want to grab the latest “byte” in Apple’s technology – remember that the iPhone 4 has awesomeness such as Retina display and HD video recording. Plus Maxis’ competitive price makes it affordable for an average Malaysian to afford an iPhone . Kudos to Maxis on that , although I’ve a bit on suggestion on the packages – do have one for students and those who are disabled as well as iPhone 4 has features even for the blind and deaf to use !  Maxis if you’re reading this , please take note.
People on the front of the queue have queued up from 6 pm onwards. Just look at the crowd !

People are well sociable creatures (Common , I am quite sure that you trust social media more then main stream media !) . I just hope that they have managed to meet other iPhone users in the long queue. Sometimes I feel that waiting in queue is nice , you get to meet new people , especially if you’re the type that likes to meet new people. These are some of my tips , do make friends. They could be handy especially when you want to “leave” and to be alerted when your number will be called. Show the spirit and humbleness  of being a Malaysian and make friends !
Chapter 2 – “The Awakening”
Its the spotlight – whereby iPhone 4 is officially launched in Malaysia. It was packed , filled with people from the media , the 60 lucky iPhone 4 users who managed to get their iPhone 4 , Maxis 10 users , Maxis staff and some people who managed to sneak past the bouncers. I guess its because they have played a lot of stealth games  such as Splinter Cell. Best part is that I could not get a glimpse of what is going on. Let me express in this way , it was like being a tiny tree in a forest. I am surrounded by long trees , I could not even see what was going on. Thankfully , I used my hands , yep you’ve guessed it. I’ve managed to reach higher with camera. Here are some shots
Oh boy the crowd is wild - on the left hand side we have Mr Sandip Das (on the left) and the rest of the Maxis crew

"Whee - she's ready ". Lucky 60 "first" Maxis iPhone 4 users in Malaysia

The rest of the shots can be viewed @ my flickr account. Feel free to browse them through. The pictures should describe the event entirely , as I don’t think there are any words to describe it in English.
Chapter 3 “Meet iPhone 4  ”
Basically its meant for the press and VIPs. We had a special launch , whereby the members of the media get to ask questions to the Maxis Senior Management Team on iPhone and other things related to Maxis and it was the time for Maxis to present us with an iPhone 4 each.
Basically , it was my time to shine. If you don’t want to read on how awesome i am and
Mr Sandeep (Maxis CEO) and me (yeah that weird looking guy) (Credits : Goldfries)

Well there you , its the first time in my life – I’ve ever promoted myself !  I’ve said it  . The rest of the people did get their stuff as well , so it was pure awesome ! . Some of us went speechless and our eyes were filled with tears of joy  (okay okay okay , cut that one , thats too cheesey) sleepy (Psst , thats me) and wanted to go home to test out his new toy. To the rest of you who are looking to get such a opportunity , let me take this opportunity to say , that whatever you do (you could be an amateur blogger and twitterist),  do not ever give up. Just be confident of yourself and your skills. One more thing that I would like to share is please for God’s sake and for your own sake , write original content. Do not go copy pasting contents around from other sites and paraphrasing it. Plagiarism is not cool , your blog could have a lot of visitors , but if the content are just copied – there is no point , it does not show your creativeness. I’ve said this in my other blog posts and let me say it again , be it original and please just be yourself. If you truly do that and believe in yourself , I am quite sure that you can be the next. Please just believe in yourself and/or in God as the possibilities  are endless

Chapter 4 “Fin (Farewell)”

We had to say goodbye , as you know its early friday in the morning and most of us would had to travel to work. But I’m quite sure that FaceTime is able to address that and keep us in touch !

Notice the weird looking guy at the back. Yeah thats me , it seems that I just came out from the cave. Anyway , the other lucky 7 of 10 guys who made it are :- Fazreen, Jason, Jennifer, Pradeesh (me) , Abinesh, Kel Li, Muzzafar (Credits : Maxis @Facebook)

Well , I am still hunting down for their blogs (others who did not make it) . I would recommend you to check out their blogs as well and as well as other maxis 10 bloggers. The reason why is it so is that first they would cover in a different perspective , some of which may be according to your taste and plus you get to know and improve your writing techniques , which can be indeed useful for you and your blog to improve and to stand a chance to be a Maxis 10 selected ones for another product.

To my fellow Maxis 10 mates , it was nice meeting you all. The best part was that we twitted eventhough we are standing next to each other. That was something memorable. If you want to visit the other maxis 10 bloggers feel free to visit them. Here are their sites





Kel Li


The other three blogs who did not able to make it for the event are :-




Thats all for the launch event. Oh yes , before I forget if you want to see more pictures , click on this link . It takes you to my flickr page !

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