I get to review Maxis' iPhone 4

It all started when I applied for Maxis10 programme , which is a programme introduced by Maxis. Basically Maxis10 programme is about bloggers to test out a phone and then post their thoughts about it. Its like getting to be a reviewer , its an awesome programme which Maxis launched not a long ago. For details , or if you want to apply for yourself , feel free to check out Maxis 10 reviewers programme.
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For now , I am going to post this. Actually it was all a surprise , to be honest I did not expect to get to be be one of the chosen one to review iPhone 4.  Feel free to drool at this picture , I do understand that its not a picture of a hot chick , but nevertheless , its should really get your attention !

Maxis iPhone 4 review programme
Maxis iPhone 4 review programme - I am not sure what else I should be adding to this as there aren't any words to describe them !

For the next 2 weeks , I’ll be reviewing Maxis iPhone 4 and I will be posting about Maxis iPhone 4 launch event later tonight.

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