iPhone 4 Review Part 2 – “Exploring the Unknown Realms”

In the earlier review , we took a look at on how microSIM differs from the regular SIM , the iPhone 4 itself and the whole unboxing process itself. In this part of the review , like I’ve promised. I’ll be tackling some of the issues of the iPhone and not to mention the infamous antennagate problem. On top of that , i’ll be taking a look at an unexplored feature in the iPhone 4. In order for me to write this , I had to do a lot of research and googling to understand.
Nevertheless , lets get started
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iPhone 4 Review Part 1 – "Awakening Of The Beast"

iPhone frenzy , well thats all I would say. No matter where you go , or which part of world you are in. People would give that look. If you’re an iPhone or iPod Touch user or an Apple user , you know what I am talking about. Apple iPhone has completely changed the way how we use our phone. Its more of a social communication device. I mean phones have completely changed. Back then we used phones to place a call , then SMS surpassed that which enables us to send a quick text message whenever calling was not convenient. Then we had Internet on our devices which allowed to get information in real time. Recently , the whole social-sphere has changed the way how we communicate.

Its useless to resist
Its useless to resist - Its the one and only iPhone 4 !

The review will be broken into several parts as like always. In this part , I’ll be looking into the packaging of the iPhone and basically we’ll be taking a closer look on the iPhone 4 itself , including the phone itself , and my feedback on plans in Malaysia and to share a bit experience on getting microSIM.  I’ll be taking another spin this time again , basically trying to make it easier for non-tech and as well as technically inclined people to understand about the iPhone 4 .
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I get to review Maxis' iPhone 4

It all started when I applied for Maxis10 programme , which is a programme introduced by Maxis. Basically Maxis10 programme is about bloggers to test out a phone and then post their thoughts about it. Its like getting to be a reviewer , its an awesome programme which Maxis launched not a long ago. For details , or if you want to apply for yourself , feel free to check out Maxis 10 reviewers programme.
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Running Windows applications/games on OSX

We do love OSX and some of us use it as main OS but what if you want to run an application or a game which is not supported in OSX. Sure , some of you may fire up Parallels or VMWARE fusion and run Windows in a virtual environment , but what if you do not want to run in a virtual environment. For that , we have WINE or CrossOver. CrossOver is a paidware and not all of us could afford to pay for it  , but what if you’re looking for something free , something which kicks-ass. There is where porting team comes in.
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Nawcom's latest Boot CD – allows MBR installation

With the latest work of meklort , whereby he has created a way to patch OSInstall.mpkg on the fly – which allows you to install OSX to a MBR partition , which means that you don’t have to format the entire drive to GPT in order to install OSX. This should be pretty good especially if you want to keep your recovery partition or your current windows partition and would like to install OSX along side with Windows. Nawcom , on the other hand sliced it alltogether and created a boot CD for you to test it out
Bear in mind that , this is still experimental. I am not responsible if your computer blows up , if an alien abducts you , or if your PC wets the floor for some odd reason.
Download Link
Feel free to post a comment if it did or did not work for you.