new myHack v1.14 released

nawcom has modified Conti’s myHack to be more up to date and to be more recent. Its recommended for all myHack users to update to this latest version.  I’ll be brief on this , basically its just click and run and the new myHack v1.1.3 installer will take care everything for you.
Changes from the original myHack :-

  • Latest Chameleon RC5 (includes a lot of fixes , such as automatic memory detection , cleaner code , and a lot of other changes , automatic resolution detection on boot {especially for Intel GMA users} )
  • It uses Default Chameleon Theme (enables users to opt or install Themes later on)
  • OrangeIcon Drive Fix (Makes your Hard Disks to appear as Internal Hard Disks)
  • SleepEnabler.kext for OSX 10.6.4

Download Now
Edit : If you are having any issues , please come and see me personally @ IRC ( , #snowleopard). Grab a Client such as Linkinus or Colloquy and hit me up. If I am not around , somebody there would able to help you out

15 thoughts to “new myHack v1.14 released”

  1. Hmm, I tried this and my NVidia card was no longer recognized. I had the same settings as the previous version. Easy to revert back however.

  2. I am using V1.13. I used 1.1 before. I updated because you suggested. Now my boot time has doubled. I wanted to go back to 1.1, but I tried and failed to install over 1.13. Can you guide me to how I go about changing back my myhack to older version? Thank you. P.S. I wouldn’t have a hackintosh without you, so Here’s to you!

  3. Hi,
    Your new myhack release put ktext into a new “CustomExtensions” directory.
    Could you please revert to the traditional “Extensions” directory name because ktextutility will no more be usable.

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  5. Hi Prasys,
    Thank for the the latest i hack, it works beautifully as described and i loved so fast on start up. However i lost my sound module which is a Tascam US 144. Any ideas how i can restore this?.
    Again thanks in advance.

  6. Hey, could someone help me out please? I accidentally installed myHack on my real mac hard drive. Is there any way to fix it (via terminal in the os x installation disk) without having to re-partition the entire hard drive?

  7. I have no idea what to do with this file. I burned the ISO onto a blank CD, then booted with it. I’m trying to install a retail copy of SnowLeopard. I tried Rebel EFI and it told me when to put the SL DVD in and install, (it never finished, that’s why I wanted to try Empire.) Is this not a boot CD to install Snow Leopard?? If not, what’s it for? I’ve been using a working 10.5.8 hackintosh for almost 2 yrs.

  8. This is by far the simplest installation. installed SL, updated to 10.6.4, installed fermi kext and copied frameworks, ran myhack 1.1.4 with default options and BAM….it’s working!
    one thing…i can’t get audio working. used to work fine when i did multibeast 2.3.0 with legacy alc889 and DSDT.aml. any suggestions on what kext to use to get audio back?
    i’m running ga-x58a-ud3r rev 2.0 fb, 930, gtx 480

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