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Just update your bookmarks. just to let you know that i got pissed with , its causing me all kinds of problems. Best part is that I paid $5 for their services just to have my domain up and running. Sadly i got soo piseed that recently it has caused my site to redirect to some bogus web-site. From now onwards , I’ll be using godaddy to host my .info domain. Dont worry about the old domain , it will just redirect you back to , therefore you could find all the latest information and stuff from
This way I can get spam control to work properly and a lot of other things as well. But first I’ll have to update my site , feeds and other stuff so that they work correctly , else it would be a big problem !

6 thoughts to “say hello to”

  1. Glad to see you back online, just spent a few minutes looking around your blog and never realized how much great info you’ve got here. Originally I came to know your posts due to my conversion of a Windows system to OSX, but I must say this is the first blog I’m actually subscribing to (granted I’ve been out of the computer world for a bit).
    If you ever travel to Toronto Canada, I owe you a beer or dinner/lunch (if you do not drink), for all the time you’ve saved me. You’ve got my email 🙂

  2. Hi Prasys,
    I missed reading your blog.
    By the way, the redirecting does not work very well for now. I read you in an RSS reader and neither the RSS feed, nor any of the article linsk did a redirect, only the home page.
    I thought I let you know, you deserve to not loose all those deidcated readers of yours.

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