new myHack v1.14 released

nawcom has modified Conti’s myHack to be more up to date and to be more recent. Its recommended for all myHack users to update to this latest version.  I’ll be brief on this , basically its just click and run and the new myHack v1.1.3 installer will take care everything for you.
Changes from the original myHack :-

  • Latest Chameleon RC5 (includes a lot of fixes , such as automatic memory detection , cleaner code , and a lot of other changes , automatic resolution detection on boot {especially for Intel GMA users} )
  • It uses Default Chameleon Theme (enables users to opt or install Themes later on)
  • OrangeIcon Drive Fix (Makes your Hard Disks to appear as Internal Hard Disks)
  • SleepEnabler.kext for OSX 10.6.4

Download Now
Edit : If you are having any issues , please come and see me personally @ IRC ( , #snowleopard). Grab a Client such as Linkinus or Colloquy and hit me up. If I am not around , somebody there would able to help you out

New FakeSMC is out

The new FakeSMC is out. The new team put by slice , mozo does a lot compared to the original FakeSMC that we love. This new fakeSMC includes temperature monitoring for CPU , Northbridge and a lot of other things. It even monitors your nvidia GPU temperature as well. Basically if you want to monitor your temperatures for your system. Feel free to check it out
For laptop users you may need additional modification as Slice pointed out in your dsdt to get information about your voltage and stuff. It may or may not work great on laptop. But the bright side is if you have an nvidia card or intel onboard video (X3100) you can use it to view its temperature
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say hello to

Just update your bookmarks. just to let you know that i got pissed with , its causing me all kinds of problems. Best part is that I paid $5 for their services just to have my domain up and running. Sadly i got soo piseed that recently it has caused my site to redirect to some bogus web-site. From now onwards , I’ll be using godaddy to host my .info domain. Dont worry about the old domain , it will just redirect you back to , therefore you could find all the latest information and stuff from
This way I can get spam control to work properly and a lot of other things as well. But first I’ll have to update my site , feeds and other stuff so that they work correctly , else it would be a big problem !

EmpireEFI 1.085 for OSX 10.6.3 is out

Its that time of the year  – No silly , not Christmas. Its the newest EmpireEFI Release which caters for MacOSX 10.6.3 Retail DVD. Like the previous version , I’ve put a bit more effort on this.
I’ve now released EmpireEFI for OSX 10.6.3 . It includes OSX kernel which allows a lot of newer Core i-series devices such as Mobile Core i3 , i5 , and newer core i7s (both desktop and laptops as well). To make things even easier , I’ve narrowed the versions into Generic , ATI and NVIDIA. Each of these version contains both Legacy version (meant for problematic system) and the normal version). I am not able to test it thoroughly like I used to as I do not own 10.6.3 Retail DVD. However I can assure you that it should work . If it does not , just post a comment here and I’ll try my best to rectify it !
Changelog :-

  • Included Kernel to enable a variety of Core i series processor
  • Included Natit and newer version of Chameleon

Never the less , here are the download links for it :-
Intel ONLY (Empire EFI V1.085) – Generic (Includes both legacy version and normal version)
Intel ONLY (Empire EFI V1.085) – ATI (Includes both legacy and normal version)
An AMD Version and nvidia-intel would be released soon. So stay tuned 😛
Alternatively you may want to download older versions from here especially if you’re using AMD processors