Getting help with your OSX86 related problems

I am quite sure that most of you guys are “stuck” at some point whereby you’ll be needing assistance from the experts. In this guide , I’ll be showing you on how to connect to OSX86 IRC Network and try to get help from the experts there. The main reason why I am writing this guide is to help some of you poor souls out there who tried their best to sought help from a lot of places.

Use this as a last resort. For this tutorial , I’ll be using Windows. and X-Chat. X-Chat is a cross-platform IRC Client which works on all platforms including MacOS X  and Linux. Therefore the look and feel for X-Chat would be the same (well almost) on all platforms.
Anyway here are the download links for each platform :-
X-Chat for Windows
X-Chat Aqua for MacOS X
X-Chat for Linux : Please consult your local linux distribution vendor. For instance for ubuntu users you might have to check with Software/Package management tool (i.e Synaptic)
There are other clients for each platform. The reason why I am using X-Chat here is that its because its a freeware
Once you’ve installed X-Chat (or X-Chat Aqua). You’ll be presented with this screen.

X-Chat Initial Setup
X-Chat Initial Setup (Click to Enlarge)

After that , simply select Add and then fill up the details by taking a look at the picture below.
Configuring X-Chat
Configuring X-Chat (CLick on the image to enlarge)

Once that is done. Be sure to change your personal details. For instance you may not be comfortable by revealing your Real Name . Once that is done , be sure to hit connect. You’ll be connected to the IRC Network. Now before you go ahead and ask your questions. Here are the few do and don’ts. The reason why I am posting  this is because to let you know that if you dont follow any of the rules , the IRC operators (moderators/channel admin) would most likely to kick you and/or ban you !
Do’s :-

  • Be polite and friendly
  • Be sure that you are not using any distros , and make sure you’re using genuine OSX disc
  • Make sure that you’ve googled first before asking silly questions such as “Would it run on my hardware”
  • Be sure to take pictures of your problem (i.e kernel panic) so that it would be easier to troubleshoot
  • If you’re going to paste something more then 2 lines of text , consider using pastebin (
  • Be sure to follow any channel specific rules !
  • Make sure you know your hardware in and out (i.e CPU , GPU , memory , HDD , etc)

Dont’s :-

  • Do not go around PMing people without their permission. Its considered to be rude , much like barging into somebody’s home !
  • Do not ask where to obtain/download OSX discs or distros. We are not going to show you anyway. Just buy the disc for $29.99 !
  • Do not make any sort of demands – We are not your servant nor paid support assistance

Well thats about it. Rather then posting on forums , you may want to check out the IRC network. Its really useful if you want to get quick help or to find experts to  fix your DSDT related stuff or asking for some guidance !

3 thoughts to “Getting help with your OSX86 related problems”

  1. hi ,
    i have successfully installed mac ox 10.6 using your empire efi legacy .
    but now i 1GB is detected only , how should i make it so that it detects the whole 4gb?
    P.S tried using the chat room thingy but failed.

  2. Hello,
    I need a kernel for installing snow leopard with a pentium dual core processor. It would also help a great deal if anyone can point me to a tutorial with a mobo and cpu combo like this: Asus p5q pro turbo w/ Pentium e54oo dual core.

  3. Hi!
    I installed 10.6.4 Snow Leopard on a PC successfully.
    But my screen resolution/monitor/display can only get 1024×768. System Prefs doesnt allow me other display options, they are blank.
    Everything so far seems to be running ok, sound works, net works.
    Googled/asked around and couldnt get any solid solutions.
    Anyone out there that can help?
    Much appreciated to yall if ya can 🙂
    My specs:
    Gigabyte Mother – GA-EP45-UD3R
    Intel Core 2 Quad
    Nvidia GeForce 9600GT
    4Gb of RAM
    Dell Monitor 2408WFP [wide]
    Seagate 120Gb HDD
    Used: iBoot and MultiBeast to install.

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