My Dear Blog

Yes I am here. Currently I am having major overhaul changes in my real life – that is why I am not able to blog as I use to. Nevertheless , during free time and such I promise you that I’ll come up with something new and as usual to share the knowledge with the rest of you guys
Wish that in one day you could have 48 hours. Don’t you think  about that too. As for e-mails , I’ll try to reply and address every one of you. In the coming weeks (or days) , I’ll write a guide on how to use IRC so that you can get help from other OSX86 experts. Don’t worry , I’ll include the do and donts !

10 thoughts to “My Dear Blog”

  1. prasys wish youa ll the best hope u r fine 🙂 thank you so much for your blog it helps me a lot to understand how to run os x on hacks
    best wishes + regards
    dornkaat from germnay

  2. Hey Prasys:
    Thanks again for all your help and the great site!. You have been such a tireless worker you are entitled to a break. May your life find you satisfied and fulfilled! Keep smiling….
    We love you bro!

  3. How much of a donation would help you release a new version with better support of i5-m..I tryed building a Vanilla Dell Vostro Laptop with i5 and 330m Nvidia, but installation keeps failing at the very end..and suggestions? I am using your EFI latest version.

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