Pardon monsieur d'Darwinx86 !

Well its sad that at times when you rush to create a post or to create something you forget to thank someone up. To make things right and at least to cheer up the poor chap who made couple of great software such as Lizard and BootCDMaker – Trauma! (more after the jump)

Well I’ve to admit that the fault is entirely mine , he did contact me to ask if its okay to include information for his application called Lizard . So out that courteous call , I took it for granted (yes you may shoot me if you wish) and just copied and paste all my stuff into his program and re-bundled it without giving the proper acknowledgments. To make up for this , I am just writing this to inform to my readers and to everyone else (most importantly that the mistake was unintentional and I don’t wish to repeat it ever again and plus I don’t want any misunderstanding from other great folks who have significally contributed a lot to the osx86 community
Cheers !
Changed the topic to reflect that umm I care . Oh yeah feel free to nail me if you would like , yes I truly deserve it

8 thoughts to “Pardon monsieur d'Darwinx86 !”

  1. but but but… i’m the author of Lizard, and not Trauma (such impostor you are :p ).
    Prasys: don’t take it serious, i really don’t care, and appreciate the quality of your blog.
    Cheers 🙂

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