Looking for Older Empire EFI (Request)

It seems that rapidshare has deleted all of my Empire EFI iso. I know I’ve should have made up a backup of it,- the good news is that I did but the bad news is that my hard disk crashed.
I am looking for someone who is willing to upload Empire EFI. I would be very thankful if someone who did that.
Thank You
PS – Working on newer and better builds for AMD and especially for the new Core i-series

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  1. I have versions:
    1.04 + 1.07r2 (std+legacy) +
    1.08 (std+legacy) + 1.85 (all)
    let me know what you need – bye

  2. These are the downloads I have:
    empireEFI_V1085_for intel core processors.zip
    Let me know if you need anything.

  3. I kinda need help here, trying to install Retail Snow, on my machine
    Acer 3680
    Intel Core 2 Duo T5500
    Intel GMA950
    2Gb Ram
    320gb 7200rpm Sata
    I’m trying with the Empire EFI v.108, also tested all the other 2 ISO’s included in the package…
    Well my issue is this:
    I can Boot fine with the Empire ISO, then Swap to the Retail Snow Disc, I try any of these boot arguments:
    -v cpus=1
    -x -v cpus=1
    On all it goes well… but as soon as it loads up after all the long texts(verbose)… it seems like its going to boot the Snow installer.. but all I get is a Gray Screen…. nothing else happens, according to my Specs I should be perfectly fine doing a Retail Installation of Snow
    Any help would be greatly appreciated, email me if its possible: [email protected]

  4. You must use disabler.kext or an empire efi boot cd made for gma950 to remove the stock appleintelframebuffer.kext preventing your display from displaying properly.

  5. @Pradeesh : Could you please tell us on which download page (download link) we can get your last release ?
    NB : I have a GMA 4500M HD and I vwould like to validate your new release.

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