Making your own Chameleon Boot CD

So if you want to understand how to make a Chameleon boot cd from scratch here goes…Empire EFI is prolly just easier to use.
A working OSX install (Physical or Virtual)
Blank CD
Terminal Knowledge
Kexts for your board (you have to know these and provide them)
Chameleon Binaries (latest as of this post is RC4)
Disabler (nullcpupowermanagement.kext)
Patched mach_kernel (for Legacy Intel and AMD…search google…)
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Looking for Older Empire EFI (Request)

It seems that rapidshare has deleted all of my Empire EFI iso. I know I’ve should have made up a backup of it,- the good news is that I did but the bad news is that my hard disk crashed.
I am looking for someone who is willing to upload Empire EFI. I would be very thankful if someone who did that.
Thank You
PS – Working on newer and better builds for AMD and especially for the new Core i-series