Knowledge beyond boundaries

My message for today is that how Internet changes and how dynamic people are. For instance , I did a search of empire EFI on youtube. To my surprise a lot of great videos on how to do installation. As folks do me , I am all about sharing
I am impressed on how people improvise and provide video tutorials in many languages. For instance this one is German
I like this creative guy who took a step further on making this video
These are just some of the videos that i would like to say that this is what one of the purposes of the internet. Someone  has posted something in this case me and how people take it a step further giving folks visual tutorial. I’m impressed .Even if I were to make one , I do admit that its not going to be as good as those video producers. I’ve to learn a thing or two. If you’ve few tips or if you want me to start doing video tutorials , just drop a comment. I would love to hear your thoughts !
There is even one guy who has posted a lot of hackint0sh tutorials ,

6 thoughts to “Knowledge beyond boundaries”

  1. You should definitely do video tutorials!
    I’ve made you a production list:
    1) Dumping bios/hardware information from:
    a: windows
    b: mac
    c: linux distro type 1: ubuntu live cd
    d: linux distro type 2: slax usb/live cd
    1: dsdt.aml
    2: ssdt
    3: lspci
    4: audio codecs
    5: acpi
    2) Formatting and Partitioning
    a: mbr vs guid/gpt
    b: fat32 => hfs+
    c: primary partition set active (type=af)
    d: dual-multi booting notes
    a: gparted live cd/usb
    b: formatting from: windows, mac, linux
    3) Boot Media and Retail Snow Leopard
    a: boot 132 (customized)
    b: empire efi
    c: chameleon via usb/cd
    d: pc_efi
    e: feeding the /e/e on the boot media
    1: properly burning media @ low speeds
    2: properly formatting and partitioning usb devices
    3: manually installation of chameleon to usb devices
    4: boot commands
    4) Preinstallation Wrap Up
    a: checklist from above
    b: creating a plan for installation
    c: creating a plan for postinstallation
    5) Installation
    6) Postinstallation Wrap Up
    a: manual installation of the bootloader
    b: running postinstallers where necessary
    c: voodoo kernel/kext support
    d: creating a plan for postinstallation
    7) dsdt editing / smbios editing
    a: tools to use
    b: pointers to follow
    c: customizing dsdt for accuracy and support
    d: customizing smbios for aesthetics
    8) Enhancement via Software
    a: dsdt editing
    b: smbios editing
    c: plist editing
    d: useful hackintosh tools (kext helper, kext utility, mkextmaker, lizard, etc)
    9) Enhancement via Hardware
    a: rom flashing
    b: rebranding
    c: enabling pc specific hardware (fn keys, speedstep, etc)
    10) To be determined

  2. I think we should share the effort.
    Prasy’s should focus on Empire EFI and text tutorial (most of us can do it).
    some of us can do test or video tutorial, explain other issues.
    some may bring a feedback or ideas etc’
    it is more effective.

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