Looking for something related to OSX86 ?

If you’re looking for something OSX86 related. Feel free to hit on OSX86/Hackint0sh tab/page and you’ll be presented of all my guides , tutorials , kext download and not to mention EmpireEFI. It makes it a lot easier on what you’re looking for. I’ve few ideas up my mind on how it should work
The reason is because is that sometimes we can’t find the right things via google if we don’t have the right keyword or if you aren’t sure of the exact keyword. I just hope that it helps someone out here.

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  2. I have OS X working on my Hackintosh after installing SL using digital dreamer’s guide. Used the PC EFI method. Have successfully updated to 10.6.3. Onboard audio still does not work, but haven’t tried the ALC 889a kext install yet. I did install a 2nd HD, a WD 2 TB Caviar Green. My boot drive is a WD 1 TB Caviar black, call it “Hackintosh”. Wanted to use the 2 TB for backups using Time Machine. So I plugged it in. The drive was recognized. I formatted it as Mac OS Journaled. Called it “Backup”. Set it as the destination drive for Time Machine, and it worked fine, got a Time Machine backup. So I shut down and rebooted. Boot stopped at “Verifying DMI Pool”. so I went into the BIOS and set the boot order for the Hard Drives: 1. Hackintosh 2. Backup ..Now when I have both drives plugged in, it boots to the Chameleon Bootloader. The only drive I see on the screen is Backup. The progress bar finishes and disappears but Snow Leopard does not come up. It stops at the Chameleon screen. If I hit any key the prompt says “cannot find mach kernel”. How do I force the bootloader to use my Hackintosh drive to boot from and not the Backup? I tried hitting F10 but that did nothing. If I take the new drive out of the bay it boots from the Hackintosh drive fine.
    Gigabyte EX58 UD5
    GTX 220
    Core i7 975
    Did not know exactly where to post this question. I am sure you have probably already posted the answer somewhere, but I can’t find it.

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