List Of Compiled Chameleon Builds

I’ve compiled a couple of Chameleon Builds for your use. This includes modifications from a lot of talented developers and I’ve compiled it for you and made them all in one place that you may able to get it. For those of you who do know me from PearPC era , think of it as prasys’ pearpc builds , whereby I compile and post.
The reason why i am posting this is that not all of us do have the time to compile , however if you are interested in compiling Chameleon , you may read my guide here . I’ve covered all the basics and everything else on how to get started if you would like the hands-on approch. Nevertheless , there is always something for everyone. So now , lets back to our topic , shall we ? (more after the jump)
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Knowledge beyond boundaries

My message for today is that how Internet changes and how dynamic people are. For instance , I did a search of empire EFI on youtube. To my surprise a lot of great videos on how to do installation. As folks do me , I am all about sharing
I am impressed on how people improvise and provide video tutorials in many languages. For instance this one is German
I like this creative guy who took a step further on making this video
These are just some of the videos that i would like to say that this is what one of the purposes of the internet. Someone  has posted something in this case me and how people take it a step further giving folks visual tutorial. I’m impressed .Even if I were to make one , I do admit that its not going to be as good as those video producers. I’ve to learn a thing or two. If you’ve few tips or if you want me to start doing video tutorials , just drop a comment. I would love to hear your thoughts !
There is even one guy who has posted a lot of hackint0sh tutorials ,

Creating a Recovery USB Drive for OSX86 Snow Leopard

If you are using Snow Leopard which is installed via Empire EFI or various other of methods. You’ll be certainly messing with kexts , dsdt and everything that has to go in making a potion. Yes , brother – I hear ya . But what if something goes wrong and poof all of a sudden your working hackint0sh has turned into a piece of junk. Obviously some of us would restore it via Time Machine , others would simply format and re-install. But what if you want to have something like how Windows System Restore works. It takes a snapshot of your system and bam if anything screws up , you can restore your PC back. Well with my newest method on how to recover your system you should be able to recover your system (as in get it to boot) under these situations/senarios :-

  • After applying system updates (i.e MacOSX 10.6 to MacOSX 10.6.2)
  • Messed up dsdt
  • Installed a problematic kext which causes kernel panic before starting
  • Your pet tiger deleted your entire Extensions folder

This is what exactly my guide is going to teach you on how to build a USB Recovery solution which contains working copy of your Extensions folder and Extras to get your OSX up and running just in case if your Extensions (or kext installation is f****ed up big time or if any Apple update did break something. You can easily revert things back and most importantly it gives you 85% chance of getting back to your working OSX environment without losing your files , and other important data.  Shall we get started.
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Downloading Themes for Chameleon (myhack)

A lot of people are getting sick with the default myHack theme or Chameleon theme and some have searched across the Internet to find theme so that they can customise their appearance of their boot loader. I admit , we humans like to dress ourselves just to impress on others. lets face it , you are not going to just wear an underwear for your first date. What would your future wife would think about you ?
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Empire EFI V1.085 R2 is out

The newest version of Empire EFI is out . This time , I’ll be tackling on certain motherboards and graphics card incompatibility issues. For instance , a lot of folks have complained about Intel onboard graphics and Empire EFI which results in a black screen , nvidia gtx 2xx users and black screen issue , Core i3-M , Core i5-M and new Core ix users and not to mention AMD Users. In a jiffy here are the new goodies :-

  • New Chameleon RC3 + PC_EFI 10.6 boot loader with customised patches such as automatic EDID injection , GMA injector and improved nvidia injector (its bsically the same as my customised PC_EFI 10.6 which you can download it from here)
  • Added support for AMD SB780 and SB7xx Motherboard series
  • Removed some conflicting kext which causes kernel panics on certain motherboard (this includes sound and power management kext). Sound may not work out of the box !

You can read more about the new changes and download these new versions by clicking this link. Oh yeah , just to add that I may no longer able to release Empire EFI due to the time constrain and not to mention some of my work goes unappreciated . I’ll try my best to keep it up to date but don’t worry much about it. The main reason why you need Empire EFI or any boot-132 discs is just to install OSX. Once you’ve it installed , you can pretty much tweak and update and do whatever you wish. Its just that simple.
Want to express your thoughts , feel free to post em here. Yes I do read every single comment and I take note of it
Cheers !

PC_EFI 10.6 + some goodies

As we all do know that netkas has recently released his version of PC_EFI 10.6 (its basically Chameleon RC3 + netkas’ modifications). But then it lacked of some of the key stuff that I always wanted. The reason why I prefer PC_EFI 10.5 is that I can use it to boot 64-bit kernel on my PC. It does not work with Chameleon RC4 for an odd reason. What I’ve done is that I’ve taken the very best of patches made by rek and put it up together.
Basically it includes whatever netkas has added into PC_EFI 10.6 + couple of goodies such as :-

  • Meklorts GMA EDID patch (it kinda works on some graphics card as well for native EDID detection)
  • 18seven’s Mac Like keys (+ modified by me) – Basically now you could hold ‘3’ and ‘2’ together and it boots into 32-bit. Alt + V into verbose. Basically it gives you the Mac-like feeling instead of typing out ‘-v’ and other stuff out
  • Rekursor‘s restart fix and other goodies (i can’t recall what other fixes that he added , basically I’ve backported few of his fixes from rev 56) . It includes UUID fix , Reboot fix (now you can reboot without the need of additional kexts such as openHaltRestarter.kext)

Its suitable for those who are using ATI Radeon 4xxx series card as Chameleon RC4 does not really work with Radeon cards , but at the same time those who want to have what Chameleon RC4 has to offer and not to mention the newest and greatest stuff. Its fused together to bring out the best what netkas has to offer and not to mention other great guys such as Rekursor has to offer
You may download the source code here and the binaries from here as well. If you are wondering how to install , kindly follow this guide (just scroll down and read on how to install Chameleon manually) . I don’t include any installers and such as I am not a fan of installers. Its best to learn how to DIY yourself.

Looking for something related to OSX86 ?

If you’re looking for something OSX86 related. Feel free to hit on OSX86/Hackint0sh tab/page and you’ll be presented of all my guides , tutorials , kext download and not to mention EmpireEFI. It makes it a lot easier on what you’re looking for. I’ve few ideas up my mind on how it should work
The reason is because is that sometimes we can’t find the right things via google if we don’t have the right keyword or if you aren’t sure of the exact keyword. I just hope that it helps someone out here.