Empire EFI v 1.085 is out

Behold , I’ve released the new Empire EFI which is far better then any of its predecessors. However it comes along with new changes which should help both of us , you and me and everyone else. Thus making an easier installation. I’ve taken previous constructive comments and criticism and integrated it to my new Empire EFI v 1.085. Think of it as the first few steps that I’ve taken towards moving to Empire EFI v.109. these are some of the minor changes as I am moving it towards a new direction. I am planning to include more documentation which covers more and more aspect of the operating system

I am also looking for translators who are willing to help me to translate some of the documentations to other languages so that a lot of people could understand the jargons which are commonly associated with osx86

New Empire EFI Menu
New Empire EFI Menu - Its classic , sleek and elegant


  • Updated Chameleon to RC4 + Backported couple of patches such as this one
  • Included New Essential Kexts (Drivers) Folder and documentation on how to install essential kext which gives you Sound Card (provided by VodoooHDA) , Battery Indicator (VodoooBattery) and Power Management (SpeedStep) (VodoooPower) , Injectors for graphics cards
  • New Theme  (its easier on the eyes , black on white) – A lot of people have complained that they did not able to read , so there you go !
  • Boot Wait is enabled by default which means that you can get to see the reason why its unable to boot instead of having an instant reboot. Makes it easier for you to troubleshoot
  • Added Couple of Networking Drivers such as Intel 82566MM , variety of Realtek Ethernet cards , Attansic Ethernet , and Marvell too. This means that most of you who have complained before that they were unable to get to the internet to download kexts and all , should be able to do so by now.
  • Improved P55 Chipset support (i.e Intel Core i5/Core i7) (Core i3 is not supported yet)
  • Removed 1GB memory limitation
  • New AMD Version (for AMD processors with SSE3) (It works with Core i3 as well and other legacy Intel processors with SSE3) (New in R2 – Improved AMD Support)
  • (Added in R2) Support for Intel GMA (Onboard Video cards) such as GMA 950/945 GMA 965/X3100 and few others as well and fixed black screen issue on laptops with Intel onboard video card
  • Added support for Intel Core i3 and Intel Core i5/i7 (Mobile variants) with onboard graphics (It should not panic)
  • (Added in R2) – Support for more NVIDIA Graphics Card (such as GTX 240M , GTX 260M and GTX 285)

Known Issues & Workarounds

  • Empire EFI will not work with problematic systems and graphics card. Common ones are like SONY laptops (some may work and some may not. Depending on your luck) , ATI Mobility Radeon HD series (i.e 3xxx , 4xxx and 5xxx series). Mobility HD Reason will not be supported. Few other odd hardware because of the way how it works
  • You may encounter Black Screens after booting or it may just hang in there , if so you’re recommended to try an earlier build or special version of Empire EFI which may help you to boot your retail disc. You may get them from here
  • There are few unresolved known issues from previous version of Empire EFI  as well
  • Empire EFI may or may not work with SLi/CrossFire graphics card. Its recommended for you to disconnect the additional card when you’re about to install OSX
  • Empire EFI WILL NOT WORK with Mac OS X discs that comes along with a mac (i.e recovery disc). You must be using a retail $29 Snow Leopard Disc
  • For those who are using NVIDIA GTX 2xx series , please make sure to type GraphicsEnabler=Y PciRoot=0 or GraphicsEnabler=Y PCiRoot=1 (its case-sensitive)
  • For those with Intel Graphics , i.e GMA 950/X3100 , kindly use Empire EFI V.1085 R2 and please be sure to type GraphicsEnabler=Y if you’re having any issues (such as blank screen). If the issue still persist , try connecting your laptop to an external display


Before you download , you must understand that Empire EFI v 1.085 only works with the following CPUs and chipset combination only. If you dont have a match or if you’re using AMD or older Intel processors , you may want to check out my full Empire EFI patch , here

Empire EFI will work on these following processors :- Intel Atom Processors , Intel Core Duo , Intel Core Solo , Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Core 2 Solo , Intel Core 2 Quad , Intel Celeron Dual Core , Intel Pentium E xxx processors , Intel Core i7 , Intel Core i5

Empire EFI prefers Intel chipset with AHCI enabled (please be sure to enable AHCI for SATA operation in your BIOS). Its recommended that its to be installed on a motherboard which uses Intel 945P/945G chipset or higher . Empire EFI  v1.085 may also work with Intel-nForce based motherboards (such as ION).

EmpireEFI does not work with Clardale CPUs (i.e certain variant of Core i5 and Core i3) which has onboard GPU on the CPU itself. I am looking into this issue and hopefully as things progress , we can find a solution for these folks ! (Added support for Core i3 and Core i-series for laptop in the newest Empire EFI V.1085 R2)

You must also have 1GB of minimum RAM installed , Empire EFI v1.085 cease to work with anything lower then 1023MB of RAM

There are two flavours of Empire EFI V1.085. Each flavour contains two ISOs. One which is known as EmpireEFI.iso and LegacyEmpireEFI.iso. One must use EmpireEFI.iso before trying out LegacyEmpireEFI.iso as the legacy version is meant for problematic motherboards or if you’re getting errrors about memory and other things.

Download Empire EFI v.1085 for Intel P55 Chipset and Intel Core i5 and i7 8xx series , Intel Core 2 series , Intel Core series  (Contains both EmpireEFI v1.085 and LegacyEmpireEFI v1.085)

Download Empire EFI v1.085 for Intel Atom , Intel Core i7 9xx series , Intel Core 2 series , Intel Core series (contains both Empire EFI v1.085 and LegacyEmpireEFI v1.085)

Download Empire EFI V.1085 (Experimental for AMD Phenom and Athlon X2 , X3 , X4 and for Intel Core i3/Pentium D/Pentiu m 4 6xx series)

Download Empire EFI V.1085 R2 (Experimental Support for AMD Phenom , Athlon and Sempron with SSE3 , and as well as Intel Core i3 , Core i5-M , Core i3-M , Core i7M)

Download Empire EFI V1.085 R2 (For Intel laptops with Intel onboard graphics card such as GMA 950 , GMA X3100 and as well as for desktop computers with problematic nvidia graphics card (i.e 2xx series) and ATI graphics card)

Download Empire EFI V.1085 (Based upon on Version 1.00) – Meant for Intel Graphics 950 , 965 (X3100 Users) who’ve tried another version which has resulted in kernel panic or white screen. (Credit : goes to the folks who’ve uploaded and e-mailed me with their copies of empire EFI v1.00 )

Help & Support and Other Stuff

Do check out over at the original Empire EFI Thread for details

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  1. How about mine ?
    ===Main : GA-945GCM S2C
    ===CPU : Intel Dual Core E2200 2.2Ghz
    ===Ram : 1024MB x 2
    ===HDD : MAXTOR SATA (250GB)
    ===VGA : ASUS ATI EAX1550 256MB Silent (DEV 715F)

  2. Over 30 pages of how to and nowhere on the entire Internet can you find this f’in file!! Every damn link people post goes nowhere. How can a bootloader be in violation of anything? They’re not illegal!! Why!?!?!!?!?!?

  3. Really sad.
    All files are gone to Walhalla.
    Anyone knows where to get EfiEmpire for Intel Atom now?

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