AMD Testers needed for OSX + VMware goodness

****** AMD Testers needed ******

If you have an AMD processor that supports AMD-V please help me!

Please use this guide follow it the same as with Intel but instead of using the darwin_snow.iso use this darwin_snow_legacy.iso I have leveraged Empire EFI to boot OSX on VMware on Intel and would like to see about doing the same for AMD.

With some help from Spexfox on IRC it is looking unlikely that this method will be successful for AMD Phenom users.

There have been several reports of AMD Turion/Athlon x2 users getting this working, so long as VMware supports AMD-V on the chip (See comment #2).

I will update this guide with prasys’ latest Empire EFI boot cd within the next week or so.

****** AMD Testers needed ******

62 thoughts on “AMD Testers needed for OSX + VMware goodness”

  1. Hi,
    I’ve an Aspire 5536 laptop (AMD X2 QL64 cpu), OSX Snow 10.6.4 never want to boot. But now I’d like to thank you for this, finally “Snow” boots up after refusing with darwin_snow.iso,
    IMPORTANT: After I installed “10.6.5 Legacy Kernel” (on this blog) and tried again to boot with darwin_snow.iso, and boots without any problem

  2. hey all,

    i just tried this image”Mac OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.6 Intel AMD Vmware Image” available from thepiratebay. before this i used darwin snow and it kept giving error about efi returned 0. then i used darwin snow legacy available here and os x finally started to boot (though it kept giving errors about unable to load kextx on USB and USBEHCI). my problem is that both mouse and keyboard does not work in os x. im using PS2 mouse and keyb. any workarounds?

    my machine:
    amd phenom x4 9850
    4gb ram
    ati 4850 1gb
    ecs a770-ma mobo.

  3. amd phenomII x6
    installed fine, works… just need to hunt out the patches for the rest of my hardware lol

  4. It works fine for me 😀

    VMware 7
    Amd phenom II x4 955
    4GB ddr3
    Asus crosshair formula 4
    EVGA 260 Super Clocked

  5. Help me,
    I’ve just followed instruction on this post and install go OK.
    But at restart of VM get some CPU halted message (

    I’m on Aspire 5552G AMD Phenom II Triple core processor

    I’ve installed Macosx 10.6.6 retail

    any help

  6. Boot in MAC OSX ==> OK
    But USB don’t work … =/ , i can’t use my mouse and keyboard 🙁
    What’s the solution ?

  7. Hi i hope any1 can help i am AMD user, i have installed, OSx86 dvd image in vmware successfully without error, when instalation finished had restart vmachine, and now, i have that (look here:, OSX will not boot just going into Shell does any1 would tell me what can i do now? Do i need to download darwin_snow_legacy.iso and load it into vmdvd drive? to keep it goin or something else? Please Help!? i would be intrested to get it working and going to be amd tester but have not clue how can i do it. Thanks for any answers…

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