Some News on OSX 10.6.3 and other things

This is another quickie. I would like to say the following things on 10.6.3 . These information were based on beta testing. Things may change in the future build

  • New Graphics Drivers for ATI and nVidia , but again no sign of ATI 5xxx series support (aka DX11). Frame buffer seems to be improved. Netkas can give a better comment on this as I am on the graphics guy
  • There is no longer any 64-bit support for Intel Graphics driver , it seems that Apple has removed support for 64-bit Intel graphics driver. For those who are using Intel onboard graphics and 64-bit Snow Leopard , you’ll have to revert to 32-bit kernel or place the old kexts in your EFI partition
  • No support for Β Intel Core i3 and Core i5 (32nm processors) (not the 45nm ones) , aka the ones which do have an onboard GPU. Again things may change if apple start using them in their macbook line up or mac mini
  • New Broadcom drivers – (Final 802.11n ? I am not sure about this more needs to be done)
  • No support for Atom (I guess its goodbye to Atom forever , Apple did not add it back)

Secondly , I am busy with Chameleon and as well as my real life too. If you’re wondering what I’m up to. Currently I am trying to help the great guys at chameleon. zef is a humble ,down to earth guy. I like his motto of uniting developers together , I hope it becomes a reality. Oh here is new chameleon repo. You can download em and compile it yourself. New unseen stuff including native reboot (without any kext) and other cool fixes πŸ˜›

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  1. Hello,
    This may not be for this topic, but can you please help me getting 10.6… on a Dell latitude d630? I have tried almost everthing out there, Empire EFI is working but every time I reboot I have to use Empire and then chose the HD where SL is installed.

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