Realtek X-Fi Drivers

Just continued the work of danielk by including newest Realtek Drivers + Creative X-Fi wrappers + EAX v4 support. Basically what these drivers do is that they give you EAX v4 support and Alchemy support that allows you to turn on EAX on legacy games in Windows Vista/7 , something like Realtek 3D Sound thingy , except that it supports up to EAX v4. Not only that , it gives you better audio quality with your onboard HD Audio

EAX 3 on SW:KoTor
EAX 3 on SW:KoTor

Apart from that you can try out the entire creative suite for 30-days (again its completely Optional) , which gives you the entire creative stuff. It was originally meant for gigabyte motherboard and Vista 32-bit , but my specially wrapped drivers (based on danielk) allows you to use those creative software on Windows Vista 32-bit/64-bit and Windows 7 64-bit/32-bit as well. These drivers do not work on Windows XP 32-bit and 64-bit. Its for Windows 7/Vista

Over all if you’re looking for better quality sound with your onboard HD audio. Give this a shot ! It works with any Realtek HD Audio codec tongue.gif (but it would be best if you’re using Realtek ALC888 or ALC889a
Download Link
– Includes Realtek X-Fi Drivers with EAX v4
– Includes Creative Alchemy
Feel free to mirror if you wish tongue.gif
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To install , simply update manually or run the installer to update your drivers to Realtek X-Fi (its not signed). After that you may want to install Creative Alchemy (if you want to get EAX effects on Windows 7/Vista with older games such as Call of Duty 2 , and few other games which offers EAX)
(Optional) Creative Pack (X-Fi MB Utility)
It which includes a lot of stuff , like control panel , music booster , etc – If you want additional stuff , then you may test it out for 30 days. Pretty much it gives you the X-Fi thingy for your RealTek sound card If you like it very much , pay $29.99 for it.
IT MUST BE USED WITH MY DRIVER and not Gigabyte as it was designed for 32-bit Vista. My driver works with 64-bit Vista/Windows 7 !…_090106_xfi.htm
To put in laymans terms. The driver enables you to use EAX and gives you a better quality driver. It allows you to install Creative X-Fi MB Software if you want to get a better audio stuff from Creative for 30-days. After that if you wish , you may pay for X-Fi MB Software (@ Creative , no I am not selling , you’ll be dealing with Creative) or if you do not want to pay. You may uninstall and just use basic X-Fi Drivers which still provide more functionality and a better audio then the stock drivers
List of games which supports EAX –…s/AllItems.aspx
To enable it on steam-based games (i.e Condition Zero, Left 4 Dead , Half Life) :-…Form.aspx?ID=76
Basically if you have games listed there , you can restore its sound (i.e have 5.1 and other stuff tongue.gif). If you really want to get better sound , then get a dedicated sound card , but then folks who use Windows and OSX like myself. Onboard audio would be the best , but then on windows I want to have 3D reverb stuff , so basically this is where these software comes into play 😛

7 thoughts to “Realtek X-Fi Drivers”

  1. using your drivers enable the EAX on desktop and also laptop?
    the EAX from your drivers are software or hardware based?
    p/s: sorry if I asked some awkward questions, coz I don’t really understand what your drivers do.

  2. Weird, I’ve did all steps correctly, It even installed the X-Fi MB, but when I run the Creative Audio Console, or anything related, it says the Audio device cannot be detected, and then closes.
    The Creative ALchemy Universal works like a charm, Windows lists as ‘Realtek X-Fi’, and as I’ve had read from the readme, I’ve never installed that Realtek X-Fi from some other guy, only the original drivers before this.
    Windows 7 64-Bit Home Premium
    Realtek ALC889a
    Gigabyte MA78GH-S2H
    What might be wrong?

  3. Your drivers are certainly not the latest. On Realtek’s website the latest is R 2.41 and this one is R 2.21. Could you describe how this could be done on the latest drivers?

  4. hey prasys,
    thanks for the great work with EmpireEFI – very
    much appreciated! but this one here seems disappointing, still only Daniel K’s DriverSet 2.21
    mixed together as Download Package…can, or
    can’t you mod the latest 2.45 Drivers by yourself? *sigh*

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