Complete Chameleon v2 Documentation (Users Guide)

This is it folks. A complete documentation which covers functionality of Chameleon along with a guide on how to create your own theme. Its a must have especially if you want to troubleshoot or learn more about Chameleon. Thats right , I am bringing you this documentation
It was not made by me , but instead talented guys over at Xnu. I am just uploading this (with their permission of course) so that a lot of you guys can learn more about chameleon !
You may download it from here
Credits : XNU-Team (for the guide) and Galaxy (for allowing me to upload this).
Oh yeah one more thing , do not try to experiment with every command in the documentation. It may be fatal. If you’re being adventurous , feel free to explore otherwise just print it or store it in your Kindle as a reference for future use :p. Dont tell me that I’ve warned you

10 thoughts to “Complete Chameleon v2 Documentation (Users Guide)”

  1. Hi everybody, me again lol
    I’m using windows 7 & SL 10.6.2.
    To run each of them, I need to load special settings in the bios (and for that i made OSX profile & Win Profile – also exists on the HD).
    Is there a way to select which OS to boot, and by that the special BIOS profile will load? It will save me a lot of time.
    THANKS! 🙂

  2. Hi Pradeesh,
    My computer does not have a cd-rom.
    is there a way to restore your Empire EFI to USB Flash-Disk.
    I can not wait for your article about Chammeleon installer.
    OK Jason…..

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