Rejoice Intel VE 10/100 Users ! (Snow Leopard)

Well I’ve decided to compile the kext and polish it up for Intel VE 10/100 Users. Generally , you can’t get Intel VE 10/100 to work with Snow Leopard as apple decided to drop support for it. It totally makes sense as none of the real macs use this adapter. Anyway, quite a number of people who are still using Intel 945P board and some variants of Intel 915P/G board and Intel 965 boards do have this adapter onboard.
Of course you can get this card to work by using an older IONetworkingFamily.kext , but thats not vanilla. what I’ve come up with is a Vanilla solution. That’s right , its for Intel VE 10/100 (or common known as Intel 855x Intel). To use it , you must be using OSX 10.6.x and above. This kext will only work in 32-bit kernel mode (not in pure 64-bit , it kinda works in 64-bit except that it just stays disconnected even if you plug the cable in).
You may download the kext by clicking here . After you’ve downloaded it you may place the kext either in /System/Library/Extensions or /Extra/Extensions or your EFI partition. It depends on your method of installation. If you want to stay as vanilla as possible , i would highly recommend you to stick the kext in /Extra/Extensions or your EFI Partition. You’ll have to rebuild your kextcache (or use pfix if you are not sure how). Reboot ! – Go to System preferences and you should see that it has found your adapter !

2 thoughts to “Rejoice Intel VE 10/100 Users ! (Snow Leopard)”

  1. Oh Prasys.. with all due respect (and i do mean it!!!), this is worthless. The noob here, managed to compile AppleIntel8255x.kext for Snow long time ago but, only recently i managed to test it in 64 bit. I had a (very) small hope that it would be as easy as that but, no way. Atm, this is the only thing keeping me from running Snow full 64 bit.
    The driver present in Leo works fine with Snow’s IONetworkingFamily.kext so, unless we are trying to make it work in 64 bit mode, compiling it for Snow it’s a waste of time.
    Anyway, talking about it it’s no waste of time, it helps to “spread the word” so, thanks so much for that. Your post already reached to this related thread:
    … me, i’m gonna try “nagging” at some people for help because this is totally out of my league.

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