Good explanation on DX11

What do I’ve to say. A picture speaks a thousand words.

ATi vs nVidia explained

Let me tell you this. I am not an ATI fanboi nor nVidia. Thought It would be funny to post thing up. Some of you would have expected Empire EFI or one of my thoughts on Malaysia. Bah , this time its something about graphics instead :P. I got the image from this post over at . Be warned though 😛

5 thoughts to “Good explanation on DX11”

  1. I have read you writing with great thanks.
    I hope you to write on ‘How to make boot-132 for Snow Leopard’ soon.
    Thank you very much in advance.

  2. I’ve trended towards nVidia cards because they seem to be easier to work in Hackintoshes. I could be mistaken, however.

  3. Honestly considering we’re using hackintoshes Direct X is irrelevant. What matters to us is OpenGL unless someone is willing to port the Gallium3D project with the Direct X branch.

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